Interview with Kevin James and Henry Winkler About “Here Comes The Boom”


When I first heard the title of the movie, “Here Comes The Boom”, I thought the storyline would be about a bunch of “boomers” facing midlife. I was more than happy to see that this movie had a completely different message. I laughed, cried, and held on to my seat! Yes, this movie has it all, and I mean it! The Moms hosted a screening and interview with Kevin James and Henry Winkler. Let’s just say, they are really REAL! Opening today in movie theaters everywhere. First, a picture of me with Henry Winkler!


Here is what PrimeTimeParenting contributor Lauren Finkelstein,, put in her review of this “must see” movie!

What a powerful message in the movie….. I love it when movies teach and inspire you to be a better you and make a difference in the world. I laughed, I cried, and I was inspired to take on the world after watching this film.

Basically, a high school teacher who’s a slacker, (Kevin James) is inspired to save the job, after budgetary cuts, of a music teacher, (Henry Winkler) who’s wife is about to have a baby. The magic of this music teacher is he inspires with passion, and his own love for music, touches every aspect of his student’s souls. What you see through the course of the movie,  the one who is really saved is the biology teacher who regains his passion for life when he tries to save the job of the music teacher, through mixed martial arts competitions (this is hysterical). You witness through the course of the movie, how one person’s passion, ignites another person’s passion, which ignites another person’s passion.  Passion is contagious, transformative and affects everyone  for the better.  This is the message of the movie, which I felt honored to be part of the screening and to have the unique opportunity to see front stage and center, my childhood crush “The Fonz.”

My passion is saving lives through the media, and my hope is that one day we will all unite to save lives through the media one person at a time. Similar to the message of this movie, that one person’s passion can ignite others to save lives, and surprise, miracles happen and new worlds and old worlds are created and saved.

Thanks Prime Time Parenting for showing me the power of mommies and when we all unite with a similar passion, we make a difference, to our children, to our communities and to the world at large. And perhaps, maybe equally as important, everyone can have a really fun time in the process.


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