The Story Behind StoryBots: The Story of Dads Gone Wild

Contributed by Audrey Matalon-Rogers and

Wonder what happens when dads go wild? When they’re super-committed dads operating at the extreme end of creativity and business savvy, they end up with StoryBots!

Before we get to StoryBots, let’s connect the story dots…

●Gregg and Evan are brothers from the east coast. Jerseylicious to be specific.

Photo by Steve Labadessa/ BusinessWeek

Fast forward:
●Evan is (brilliant) creative end. ●Gregg uses his business sense and sees opportunity for a new kind of media company.

(photo from JibJab blog)
●Together in 1999 they create JibJab.

●Together in 2000, the crash, they went broke.
But along with their ability to see and integrate the currents of technology, business trends and traditional human need for humor, connection and cerebral stimulation, the 2 young guys have the freedom to take risks and producing edgy, roasting material.●
Their 2004 Presidential election satire video has unexpected popularity. JibJab wisely uses this as a spring board, putting at the tip of typing fingers.

Fast forward again:
●Evan & Gregg have added wives…then children(in that order). Now what for the edgy, sometimes ●raunchy, JibJab?

●The kid’s market. JibJab produces JibJab Jr., iPad apps for personalizing children’s books using child’s photo and name.
Their latest, and maybe their greatest to date, of their clever and playful creations…StoryBots!●

I had the pleasure to meet Gregg and Evan at Time To Play 2012 where they showcased StoryBots.
I decided to show you the StoryBots for letter A, because StoryBots is “A”mazing.

These are excellent learning tools that will allow your child to absorb the lessons through play and in an age appropriate style. Kudos to the artists who developed these adorable and relatable cartoon images, music and lyrics. I feel very grateful I will be able to offer this to my children as soon as they’re ready.

Look at these precious characters! It’s hard not to fall in love with StoryBots, not to mention Gregg and Evan, the wildly creative, smart, playful dads-next-door.

I did not receive compensation for this post. The only thing I received was promotional material which included a few songs and 2 StoryBots letters, all of which you can find for free on My commentary here is from my heart because living in a country where our educational system is failing our children I’m forever grateful that we have thoughtful, talented people producing products that are valuable beyond itself. Please support business’ such as JibJab/StoryBots that are of the few (very needed) brands that while making profit are looking to improve quality of life.


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