Find Yourself Fridays/ WANTED: An 8th Day…for Moms Only

Contributed by Audrey Matalon-Rogers

I’m in this quandary about time. How is it there’s never enough? 

A few weeks ago we celebrated Rosh Hashana which marks the beginning of a new luna year. Now Jews around the world begin reading the Torah from the beginning, again. “In the beginning…” in the Torah, it says G-d created day and night. Was this the first marking of time? Was that when pressure began? Does pressure exist without time? 7 days is just not enough when you’re a mom.

I know peaceful living is important, feels better and is better for me. But it takes time to get… Zen. And if you live in the Mother’hood as I do (that’s the neighborhood where time’s a scarce resource, patience is thin as film and demands fog all sight) we need to ‘arrange time’ to ‘have time’ for peaceful-living. But we ‘need time’ to ‘arrange time’ in order to ‘have time’ for peaceful-living. It’s known by many that Moms can do, fix, arrange, create and recreate anything. Can we do the impossible, redesigning the 24/7 week?

To add on to the confusion about time and how to make more of it, as a massage therapist for 20 years (pre-motherhood) I definitely was one-of-those-people who pontificated ‘you have to make the time for yourself” or “carve it out if necessary”. If I had been a mom during my years of Zen advising it might have sounded very different.

Meditate… Mediate your kid’s fights. Bribe with cookies if necessary.
Breathe deeply… Breathe deeply, shallow, pant–anything. Every chef-waitress-driver-cleaner-24/7 butler- needs oxygen to stay awake.
Stretch… For earplugs to block out baby crying.
Make gratitude list… Make a survival list.
Go for a conscious walk… Go for an unconscious Ben & Jerry’s blitz.
Take a relaxing shower or bath… It’s raining. Take the garbage out, get the mail—by any means steal the time to get wet.

Maybe that’s why on the 7th day, the Sabbath, Gd rested. But moms still have to be Mom on the Sabbath.
And after hours. And on vacation, holidays and snow days. Back to my original quandary of being short on time to fulfill all my roles.

And wondering, would pressure to get “it all” done exist without time? Is time just a function of a collective illusion or ordained by Gd?
Could Gd have created an
8th day…a “day of rest” just for moms?
Or is it too late?

Leave a comment if you want to join the collective illusion of an 8th Day: Rest Day for Moms

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