Waiting for Sandy


I feel like waiting for Sandy is like waiting for somebody to give birth. The wind gusts are like contractions, each one stronger than the next. Each one getting us closer to the arrival of a baby.Not really. Today, we wait for the arrival of the #superstorm! Sandy, a real HER-icane.

While waiting for Sandy, the kids are home from school and inside the house. We all love being outside, but today is not one of those days. I actually went out today with a friend to find a Starbucks coffee. This would be the last one until the #superstorm is over and done. The usual Starbucks I go to was not open, as were the other 3 I drove by earlier this morning. However, from the news, this is a storm that could cause a lot of damage. I only pray that people will be safe and get the help they need.

I am glad that a I had the chance to go out with a very close friend of mine this past Saturday night. Where to go? Now that I know about this cool, free app, Kosher GPS, there is no question. Here I am sitting with my friend’s phone and the app!

el bomba. This is the most amazing eggroll I have ever tasted, which includes: avocado, sun dried tomato, wrapped in a cruncy eggroll and a side of tequilla lime sauce!

Since my friend is not a fan of raw sushi, we went for a cooked roll. Godzilla: Tuna, yellow tail, kani, battered, and tempura.

Dessert was incredible. Hot chocolate cake and parve ice cream.

Speaking of dessert, I think I am going to bake some cookies. Be safe all!


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