Hanukkah Hangout Brings Bloggers Together for a Night of Giving, Crafting, Creating, and Sharing

hanukka hangout

Right before the busy stream of Hanukkah events began, Jewish bloggers gathered together at the Hanukkah Hangout for a night of Giving, Crafting, Creating, and Sharing. The price for entry was a toy for families affected by Superstorm Sandy.

The evening started out with a welcome by Hanukkah Hangout co-hosts Jodi Samuels (jdeal and Metroimma) and Abbey Wolin and Esti Berkowitz (SweetUP). What better way to get better acquainted than using no more than 140 characters as the perimeters. The crowd of bloggers represented both traditional and online media. In traditional blogger event style, iPhones, Androids, and iPads shared the event as it was happening using the hashtag #hhangout. Once all of the introductions had been made, the bloggers started “creating”.

Abbey Wolin, SweetUP co-founder and founder of Not2Shabbey.com, gave a quick demonstration on how to take an ordinary piece of glass and make into something special. While some bloggers were with Abbey, the other bloggers competed in the Manischewitz Chanukah House Decorating Contest. Bloggers were split up into teams and created their own Chanukah House.

The bloggers were having so much fun creating and schmoozing that some of them did not get a chance to finish decorating their Chanukah Houses. However, the Chanukah Houses that were completed before the end of the evening were judged by a friend of our host for the evening. The decision was challenging, as each house had a unique and attractive design. The winning house was selected and the winners (Jessica Bernstein, Rafi Bernstein, and Gloria Kobrin) took home this beautiful kosher Godiva Chocolate package as their prize.


Thank you to the sponsor of this prize package, LeChocolatier, http://www.lechocolatieronline.com/sweet-holiday-planter.html. You can also save 10% on your order by using the code hhangout when you check out!

The winning house!


The neighborhood of Chanukah Houses created at our event


Not to worry, each Chanukah House is still eligible to win the Manischewitz Chanukah House contest. All photos can be uploaded easily to the Manischewitz Facebook page up until December 15th. Who couldn’t use an extra $500 this year? Besides, it is a lot of fun and a great activity for a Hanukkah party!

Manischewitz also has a fun Chanukah Cookie Decorating kit that your kids will just love. Just make sure they use their fingers to spread on the icing, not to eat it. Yes, this is the mission impossible!


20121122162203 20121122162510

Thanks again to all of our wonderful bloggers that came out to join us for the evening! Also, thanks to all of our fantastic bloggers that were tweeting and facebooking along with us that evening.

This holiday, consider giving back to those that suffered from the devastation of Superstorm Sandy. Many, many families have been affected and finding the extra time and money to give their children a gift this holiday season has had to take a back seat. Now, we can all help make this holiday special for them.

All toys collected from this event were donated to Achiezer.org.


One thought on “Hanukkah Hangout Brings Bloggers Together for a Night of Giving, Crafting, Creating, and Sharing

  1. What a Wonderful Way to celebrate Chanukah with the famly and give back other families who lost so much with Superstorm Sandy…

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