Shopping For Gifts And Finding Much More at Red Envelope

Chanukah 2007 121

I am not sure about you, but the last time I tried to go shopping for a wedding gift with my kids I almost ended up buying an entire shelf of glass. Not because that was my gift of choice, but because my daughter was in awe of them. I couldn’t blame her, but her toddler hands were not steady and things were getting extremely stressful in there. I spent more time taking things away from her than shopping for a gift. It is experiences like these that leave us with few options when in need of a gift for a bride and groom. What is a mom to do? I have two words. Shop online! Even better; shop Red Envelope.

Since I was looking for a wedding gift, I conveniently found a nice selection of items in a drop down menu under ‘occasion’. While I had a certain price range that I wanted to stay in, I did not want to skimp on quality or presentation. Something I really like about Red Envelope is that the product reviews are listed on the same page as the description of the product. After looking over the items in the ‘wedding’ category, I narrowed in on personalized items. I wanted to give this couple a gift that they could use a lot. I had to make a decision and my top choices were the newlywed cooking kit, personalized tree initials wall art, personalized family story wall art, and the personalized cutting board. You see a theme here?

Since this couple observes the Jewish Sabbath, every weekend would be a time for serving special meals. I remember how much I enjoyed these types of items. I thought about how much I loved the cutting board I had received and how my husband and I used it slice our challah every Shabbos. Now, the option to give a personalized challah board was just what I wanted. This particular cutting board from Red Envelope is solid, handmade in the USA from sustainable solid maple. The deep moat for juices is another way to keep savory dishes on-board.


I had four different designs to choose from. One of them, the pig, was not an option (they keep kosher). However, the silverware cutting board with “fresh from the kitchen” on it was just perfect. I personalized it and added the name of the bride. This personalization design will be lasered into the center of the wood board. This is a nice size board, 20″ x 14″ x 1″H.

This entire shopping experience was a pleasure. The kids were with me the entire time, but they were busy coloring with crayons. No schlepping into the car, out of the car, and back and forth necessary. This makes a very tired mommy, very happy! I forgot to mention how beautifully packaged and wrapped gifts from Red Envelope are. You almost don’t want to unwrap them!


Next time you need to ‘run out’ to get a wedding gift, start out your shopping excursion closer to home. Even within a budget, you can find great gifts for the newlyweds. They will ship it direct to the new couple. I know that shipping charges can add up, but you may be able to find some discount codes over here first. You can also do a Google search for ‘Red Envelope Coupons’.

Disclaimer: This was not a paid post. I was provided a code to try shopping online at Red Envelope. The opinions expressed here are my own.


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