My Pre-Passover Schmooze with Naomi Nachman on her show Table for Two on the Nachum Segal Network

DAVIDA MatzaCrumber

Passover. Getting ready for this symbolic and most celebrated Jewish holiday is time consuming and, at times, labor intensive. I can’t tell you how many times I schlepped up and down the stairs getting things in place. Yet, the beauty of all of our Passover preparations is appreciated when we finally sit down at the table with our friends and family and tell the story of our freedom from slavery. So, why does it feel like we are slaves to our mops and brooms up until the Seder? I have heard this question asked, and I have heard the answer. We don’t have to be enslaved with Passover cleaning.  Really? Really.

Yes, it is possible to avoid this feeling by breaking up the Passover preparations into different parts and giving everybody a job. Yes, that includes your kids. I found that making a chart and tracking how many minutes everybody contributed towards the cleaning to be most helpful (and inspiring). When the number of minutes have been added up, special prizes were given out. Chometz free, of course. I even rewarded my own Passover preparation process. I was so thrilled when Naomi asked me to be a guest on her show and speak about, SweetUP, a community of brands and bloggers. A morning with Naomi Nachman and her show Table for Two on the Nachum Segal Network was the place for me last Friday. Sure, I could have cleaned a few things, but I decided to take the morning off from all work. I traveled to the Nachum Segal radio studio on the Lower East Side and spent an incredibly fun morning with Naomi.  If you haven’t heard of Naomi, she is a personal chef and owner of The Aussie Gourmet. On February 4, her show, Table for Two, was launched. You can catch her archived shows at During the show, Naomi revealed that she cooked Passover meals for 19 families. These 19 families now have their entire Passover meals completed. You should definitely check out Naomi’s website, for cooking videos, recipes, sample menus, and more.




I was joined by Abbey Wolin, my SweetUP co-partner, to share some of the highlights from our Pre-Kosherfest Social Media Dinner (November 2012) and the Kosher Cupcake Bake-Off (February 2013). Abbey also shared some of her Passover related Seder ideas, like the Edible Passover Makkot Treats. How cute are these!

qjl articles

Dom (Blood) – Strawberry Applesauce

Tzfardaya (Frogs) – Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Frogs
from Zelda’s Sweet Shoppe

Add Kinim (Lice) – Chocolate with white sprinklesaption

Dever (Dead Animals) – Chocolate Bear Lollypops

Arov (Wild Animals) – Gummy/Sour Bears

Shechin (Boils) – XL Dot Candy on paper

Barad (Hail) – Mini Marshmallows

Arbe (Locust) – Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Locust
from Zelda’s Sweet Shoppe

Choshech (Darkness) – Chocolate Pudding

Makkat Bicharos (Death of the First Born)

Since Naomi’s show is about kosher food, another fantastic guest from the kosher restaurant world joined us. Elan Kornblum, owner of Great Kosher Restaurants, definitely has the scoop about kosher restaurants around the world. If you are ever in need of a nice kosher restaurant in New York, LA, Chicago, or Rome, Elan can help you. Elan also shared with us a list of kosher restaurants that will be open for Passover this year;  Abigael’s, Ladino Tapas Bar & Grill, Le Marais, Meat Me, Mendy’s on 34th, Pizza Da Solo (opening up the night right after Pesach ends),
Prime at the Bentley, Prime Butcher Baker, Taam Tov, Talia’s Steakhouse, and Colbeh. For a complete list of restaurants and great deals, check out

If you missed the radio show last Friday before Passover, you can listen to it again on the archives for Table for Two over at Just make sure you have something to eat while you listen, you will get hungry from all of the food discussions!


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