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PrimeTimeParenting sent this world saver and blogger on another fantastic assignment. I had no idea what to expect, but when I saw the names Mark
Burnett (Executive Producer of Survivor, The Apprentice and The Voice, just  to name a few of his shows) and Roma Downey (the star of Touched by an
Angel), I knew this would be a holy experience, and it sure was. As some of you may know, Mark Burnett and his wife Roma Downey just co-executive produced a
10-part series called The Bible on the History Channel. I am still in disbelief  that this couple took on such a g-dly project. So far the series has  attracted a mind blowing 68 million viewers.

The purpose of this event was the unveiling of an exhibit associated with the show, The Bible Experience. The exhibit features an array of rare  biblical artifacts displayed for the first time in New York City, ranging from  the Dead Sea scrolls to select religious items previously only shown at the  Vatican. The collection also includes gorgeous photography from scenes  of the Bible. This exhibit is only around town in NYC until March 27th. The  location is at 450 West 14th Street, New York City.

The whole concept of The Bible shown to the masses was beyond g-dly comprehension to me for many reasons. One being that Mark Burnett, one of the
leading creators of contemporary pop culture is now working to bring a g-dly  consciousness to the masses instead of focussing on Donald Trump’s famous
ego….people everywhere will now be talking about the Bible. Man plans, and  G-d laughs.

I had the chance to speak with Joe Pantoliano at the event. He is an actor, who  has been in many TV shows and films, including the Sopranos, the Matrix,
and Spiderman. I asked him about the union of Mark Burnett and Roma Downey. This wise guy told me that Mark and Roma’s union has elevated both of them, physically,
spiritually and emotionally. He added that their union resulted in this project. Joe said, and you can see, that their marriage has a higher purpose. They have brought the world to a g-d conscious state. It is my belief that Roma Downey obviously had been doing it for years, through Touched by an Angel. Now the angelic Roma is bringing her husband along for the ride with his unique talents and gifts.

I had a moment in time to pitch my dream to have a reality show where lives can be saved, one person at a time. See what Mark Burnett had to say on
that in the clip below. Also, see what the hot Portuguese actor Dioga Morgado had to say about his holy experience on the series.

Finally, the Red Sea split for me when at the end of the evening Mark Burnett was standing by himself and I had the unexpected good fortune of
walking up to him and telling him about my non-profit, If you are not aware of this organization, we highlight one person in the media weekly who needs a medical miracle. I asked Mark if he ever considered saving lives through the media one person at a time. I had the  miraculous experience of handing him my card and asking him to check out  the lives we are working on saving. I’ve wanted to do that for years. This  was as if the heavens opened up for me, with biblical music playing in the
background and the dead sea scrolls to the left of me. It was surely a G-dly ordained moment for me where an angel was standing by my side.
Regardless, if you’re in New York City, you should check out the exhibit,  it’s only here until March 27th and watch the epic mini – series THE BIBLE,
so you, yourself can be in awe of pop culture meeting the HOLY ONE.


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