(Review) #FYF Finding Yourself Friday: How I Found Myself Laughing and Relating To Author Tracy Beckerman


Last week, I rushed around in order to make it on time to the “Cool Mom Book and Blow Dry Bar Tour,” in order to celebrate Tracy Beckerman’s book, “Lost in Suburbia: A Momoir. How I Got Pregnant, Lost Myself, and Got My Cool Back in the NJ Suburbs.” The title had me, as anybody who goes through major life changes is cool in my book!

Speaking of cool, I wasn’t feeling much of that after a very busy day working on a major dinner event. As soon as my husband arrived home, I said goodbye to the kids and made my way to Manhattan. Thankfully, public transportation worked in my favor. As soon as I stepped out of the subway, I was within a few feet of Fix Beauty Bar. I have to admit, I was feeling quite disheveled, not even sure if I had any lipstick on anymore (don’t tell my mom, she never left the house without any). The minute I walked-in, I immediately felt relaxed. Let’s just say the Fix Beauty Bar did just that, I finally got a manicure! If you read Tracy’s book, you will find that she also felt like there was no time to do the things before her life got busy taking care of kids. That is not a bad thing at all, just a challenge to find the time. There is so much that Tracy shared, and in such a humorous way, I was laughing out loud through the entire book. Like, the time she was speaking to the police officer without knowing that a pair of her lingerie was clinging to her clothing. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve found my son’s socks attached to my skirt. I may leave the house without lipstick, but now I always check for spare laundry parts attached. Tracy’s book is great, I hope she will write more and more. In the meantime, I can keep up with her over at http://www.lostinsuburbia.com

Now, a little bit about Tracy!
Tracy Beckerman writes the humor column, LOST IN SUBURBIA, which is syndicated to over 400 newspapers in 25 states to more than 3.5 million readers. She is the author of the book, “Rebel without a Minivan,” has appeared on The Today Show on NBC, The CBS Early Show, Better TV, LX NY, The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television, and CBS Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood. She has won a Writer’s Guild of America Award and a New York EMMY® for her writing, is a past recipient of the Erma Bombeck Humor Writers Award, and was recently selected as America’s Top Blogger by The Balancing Act on Lifetime. Tracy is a member of the National Society of Newspaper Columnists.

Lost in Suburbia is a syndicated humor column and blog by Tracy Beckerman. It is for any mom who is trying to hold onto just a little bit of her former, cool, pre-mom self!

After my much needed manicure and cool seltzer, I had the chance to visit with some of the sponsors of Tracy’s book tour. They are so cool, I just had to include them in this post as well:

Theraderm is clinical-grade skin care that is simple enough to fit into your busy schedule and powerful enough to address the visible signs of aging. I can attest to this, as the sample packet I received had step-by-step instructions and a wash cloth included! Since I am a #primetimeparent, I am on the search for products like Theraderm, a brand that believes in skin care that allows the skin to restore itself while revealing the natural beauty every woman possesses. Amen. To learn more about Theraderm, go to http://www.therapon.com and follow them on Twitter, @Theraderm

Since being a primetimeparent is very tiring, I was so glad to learn about Living Fresh Collection. They specialize in healthy and environmental sleep products engineered to promote well-being and better rest. They have eucalyptus linens and bedding products, yum. This to create a cleaner, healthier and more luxurious sleep experience. I now make sure to get my 8 hours! I could totally relate to Tracy’s lack of sleep when her baby wasn’t sleeping through the night. Sleep is key! Learn more about Living Fresh Collection at http://livingfreshcollection.com and follow them on Twitter, @LivingFreshHome

If you could see my desk, you would want to help me get more organized. Well, Office Candy has cute & fun office supplies, desk accessories, decorative and designer office products that make getting organized fun. They’ve got it all: cute file folders, funny sticky notes and pink desk accessories for those that believe that just because it’s practical doesn’t mean it can’t be cute. To learn more about Office Candy, go to http://www.OfficeCandy.com and follow them on Twitter/Facebook & Pinterest @OfficeCandyGal

When there is time to get out and get dressed, there is Ann Taylor. When I got my first real job in corporate America a million years ago, I spent a lot of time in Ann Taylor. See what’s new this spring at http://www.anntaylor.com and follow them on Twitter, @AnnTaylor

Let’s not forget the nosh. Sweet Loren’s ready-to-bake brownies and cookies, as my kids exclaimed, ‘are delicious, like cookie dough but better’. They are also kosher (dairy), preservative-free, and 100 % natural. Your friends and family will devour these wholesome, fresh-out-of-the-oven treats! To learn more about Sweet Loren’s, go to http://sweetlorens.com and follow them on Twitter, @SweetLorens

A great party like this must be captured by somebody other than the hostess. That is why Jennifer Lee Photography was on site to do just that. They specialize in portraiture of newborns, babies, children, families, maternity and celebration. To learn more about Jennifer Lee Photography, go to http://www.jenniferleephotography.com and follow them on Twitter, @JLeePhotoNYC
This party would not have been possible without Holly Rosen Fink of Culture Mom Media. She is just wonderful and I am proud to call her a #coolmomfriend of mine. To learn more about Culture Mom Media, go to http://culturemommedia.com and follow them on Twitter, @CultureMomMedia

I also enjoyed meeting the team from WE + PR! See what other clients they represent over at http://www.workmanentertainment.com and follow them on Twitter, @workmanpr

Do yourself a favor, buy this book, and buy one for your mom friends too! It is available on Amazon here.

Disclaimer: I was invited to attend this event and I received a copy of the book for review. The opinions expressed in this post are my own.


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