(Review) Pistachios: A Delicious and Healthy Alternative to Chips, Cookies, and Candy

pistachios garlic

I never thought so much about snacks before I became a mother. I actually learned on the job through some other very nice mom friends during an outing with some other mom friends 6 years ago. Before I left the house, I grabbed a bag of cookies and filled a sippy cup with grape juice. All was going well until my daughter, who was 2 at the time, said that she was hungry. I pulled out the bag of cookies. Then I saw what my other mom friends were feeding their children; sliced watermelon, cucumber, apple, and whole wheat crackers. My stomach fell to the ground. Thankfully, my other mom friends had extra Ziploc bags’ of these delicious snacks, as my daughter was like Velcro to their giving hands. From this point on, I always planned my snacks in advance, and made a couple extra for those who may not have had the chance that morning.

Aron's Kissena Farms Fruit

Now that my kids are older, the snacks have remained the same, on the healthy track. Something that is very important when packing snacks is possible food allergies of other kids at the park or in school. For example, snacks that contain peanuts, milk, sugar, and soy. It is always important to have alternative snacks in case another parent or child in the play area may have a food allergy. I know that there are snacks that can affect other children are peanuts. The other day while I was at a park, one mom had the very popular and delicious Bamba snack. Another mother asked if it was Bamba and made us all aware (in the nicest way possible) that her son had a peanut allergy. I immediately offered her a baby-wipe so that she could wipe off his hands (he had accidentally picked them up). It made me very aware of the snacks we take out in the public arena. This reminds me of the time I was flying on JetBlue from JFK to ORD. The flight attendant told us that they would not be serving any peanut based snacks as a family with peanut allergies was on board. I love that airline. In today’s world, we can speak to brands about these things, it is so amazing. So, what does one do if they love peanuts, especially pistachio nuts?

For those of you who can eat peanuts, I wanted to let you know about a brand, sincerelynuts.com, and the most amazing flavor, Pistachio Garlic; onion and garlic never tasted better. We are huge garlic lovers in our home, kids included. The Pistachio Garlic adds the perfect zest of flavor to California pistachios that result in sheer magic. What better way to enjoy the health benefits of garlic such as the management of blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and a fighter of bacteria. With great medicinal values like these, garlic is served with every meal at our home.

If garlic is not your taste, there are more exotic flavors to choose from including: Pistachios Jalapeno, Pistachios Chilli Lemon, and Pistachios Hickory. I can’t wait to try more of these flavors!


Treat yourself, and your friends, to the fresh and healthy taste of peanuts. You can find them online at http://www.sincerelynuts.com. You can have them delivered to your door, or as a gift for somebody else. Keep up with sincerelynuts and follow them on twitter @SincerelyNuts or “like” them on Facebook.

Disclaimer: I was sent a package of Pistachio Garlic from Sincerelynuts.com to formulate this review. The opinions expressed in this review are my own.


One thought on “(Review) Pistachios: A Delicious and Healthy Alternative to Chips, Cookies, and Candy

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