(Review) Making Water Available For Those Who Need It Most

Contributed by Lauren Finkelstein from save1person.org

Primetime Parenting sent this mommy blogger on another interesting and life changing assignment. This time it was to be enlightened about a global problem, something we take for granted in America but a real worldly tragedy: WATER.

The Associate Director of Development, of WaterAid, Hallie Tamez, spoke about the magnitude of this problem. In my limited world, I never thought about it before. Hallie spoke about how in third world countries, there’s no clean water and some women have to walk many miles to get water. And in this water, some people bathe, toilet and who needs to say more. And then some women have to walk many miles back to their villages to bring this filthy water to their families.
WaterAid works in 27 of the world’s poorest countries, transforming lives by improving access to water, sanitation and hygiene. This non- profit, hires local people to build the wells and maintain the drinking water, when WaterAid leaves that location.

We take for granted that water is everywhere to drink, but what about when it’s not accessible. When you make it accessible, people can get educated, work the fields, be with families, live healthier lives, things we just take for granted here in America.

Watch a brief video and learn more:


Go to http://www.wateraidamerica.org/ and see how you can make a difference: Give, Water, Give Life.

WaterAid is on Facebook, keep up with them there too.


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