(Review) From Picasso to High Tech to the Basics of Cinderella, This Years’ Time to Play Exhibit Showcases it All…

Contributed by Lauren Finkelstein from Save1Person.org
Primetime parenting sent this mommy blogger and world saver on another mind blowing and creative assignment, this time to scout out the best toys to entertain a child’s imagination and support healthy growth for the young ones. Who knew there would be such innovative and creative worlds out there for children to explore and grow, while having a blast?

time to play room shot

The top toy companies where at the Time to Play Spring Showcase. This exhibit happens twice a year to highlight the hottest toys of the season. Toy companies were there from Leap Frog to Lego to Mattel to Nickelodeon to Hasbro, just to mention a few.

Drip Drops had a tablet like device where you could make your own art and then email it to your parents and teachers. What was intriguing about this toy is when you finished coloring one side of your three dimensional shape, you could touch it and then start coloring the other side of the object. I don’t remember these kinds of toys when I was a kid.

drip drops

time to play leap frog writing

Then of course, the classic Cinderella outfit to the microphone so your kid could be the next rock star, to the Superman blow up to the tablet for kids. My personal favorite, since my son’s handwriting needs work is the tablet that teaches you how to write letters. These toys were magical, as well as productive for your child’s continued growth.

time to play leap frog 2

Perhaps, I would have done better in school, if these toys existed when I was a kid, and I would have been the next Picasso. Nevertheless, there’s time to be a kid, and it’s never been a better time, after exploring this new world of imagination presented by Time to Play.

Disclaimer: Lauren was sent to review these toys by primetimeparenting.com. The opinions expressed in this blog post are her own.


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