(Review & Giveaway) French’s Brings New Flavor Infuser Marinades to Chicken, Steak, or Fish

French's New Flavor Infuser Marinades

I love trying new things, especially when it comes to the grill. Now that the weather is nice, our trusty grill has been brought back to life. While the kids love grilled hot dogs, my husband loves hamburgers, and I love salmon. This summer, we will be adding a new flavor to our meats with French’s Flavor Infuser Marinades. If you have never marinated any meat before, you might remember back when you were a kid. For me, it was the Italian Dressing that marinated the chicken before it when on the grill. This process took at least a day to prepare. I know this for a fact because I would have to avoid the Tupperware container every time I would go into the refrigerator to grab a snack.

tupperware with Italian dressing

Thankfully, marinating has caught up with our fast past world and French’s New Flavor Infuser Marinades are here to do just that. Welcome to the instantaneous barbeque. Less time to prepare, but just as much savory flavor to enjoy.

When I first looked at the French’s Flavor Infuser Marinades, I wasn’t sure what to do with them. I went to French’s page and found this step-by-step video. So easy! Just snap the cap, inject the infuser tip and squeeze. If you are short on time, you will love French’s New Flavor Infuser Marinades for because they are:
Super-Fast – It only takes 10 minutes for the flavor to permeate the protein, whether it be chicken, steak, or fish.
No mess alternative to traditional marinades – pouring, mixing, covering, and leaky bags. Just infuse it and forget it!
Injector driven-this is amazing because it allows a more flavorful experience by penetrating all layers of protein with the marinade
Introduces home cooks to a technique used by professional chefs and BBQ aficionados (who knew?)
The process of infusing the marinade deep into the protein allows it to be quickly delivered and evenly distributed to all layers of the protein. Being that I am not a professional chef (my husband will concur with that); I did not know that the injector technique existed. Now regular cooks can benefit from this technique as well.

You can also apply the French’s Flavor Infuser to the top of a piece of boneless skinless chicken breast or even chicken wings. In fact, my husband soaked these chicken wings in the Zesty Italian flavor before putting it on the grill. The taste, even when applied on top of the protein, was fantastic.

BBQ Chickent Wings

There are four varieties of French’s Flavor Infusers: Sweet & Tangy Teriyaki, fab with chicken and fish; Classic Steakhouse, ideal for strip steak or London Broil; Zesty Italian, also great with chicken, and Caribbean Jerk, also great with chicken. These products are just 2.99, not bad for such an infusion of flavor.

How much protein can one tube of French’s Flavor Infuser marinate? Approximate 3-4 pounds of protein, which is enough to feed a family of four. Since this product is injected to protein that is raw, the tube must be discarded after just one time. Any cleaning and re-use could result in cross-contamination and health issues. Do not reuse. Some other important facts about French’s New Flavor Infuser Marinades:
Kosher: Yes, all flavors
Organic: NO
Gluten Free: Zesty Italian and Caribbean Jerk are Gluten Free; Steakhouse and Teriyaki are NOT Gluten Free
Food Allergens: only Caribbean Jerk DOES NOT contain allergens. Zest Italian contains soy; Teriyaki and Steakhouse contain wheat and soybeans.
Now that your stomach is growling, how about winning some great tools for some grilling!

Thanks to my friends at French’s, I am giving away (5) grilling kits that will include a French’s oven mitt and 2 of the French’s New Flavor Infuser Marinades. It is so easy to enter, just follow go to this link http://bit.ly/11ReLUQ:

grill tools

For some great recipe ideas go to http://www.frenchs.com and keep up with them and “like” them on Facebook.com/frenchs.

Disclaimer: The opinions in this post are my own. I did receive a set of grilling tools, oven mitt, and French’s New Flavor Infuser Marinade in order to post this review.


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