Would You Donate A Kidney? Renewal Can Help You and Somebody That Needs You

You will find on my blog a lot of product reviews, travel stories, and new foods. I love sharing that with you here. Another area that  love to write about is about organizations that give. There is one particular organization that is near and dear to my heart. Renewal you will learn more about that below). This organization is incredible and if you live in the New York area, you will want to attend their Third Annual Food & Wine Tasting Event with wines by Herzog Wine Cellars. Last year, I had the opportunity to attend this event with my husband and it was phenomenal. More than 500 people came out to celebrate an evening of Renewal at the TriBeCa Rooftop, located at 2 Desbrosses Street in New York. The event will take place at this beautiful location again on July 29, from 7pm-11pm. My husband and I made it our “date night” and we plan to do so every year from now on. Yes, we do go out on dates more often than that!  However, this was such an incredible event that it has become a part of our lives as well.


The ambiance is sophisticated and stylish while the views of NYC spectacular. The purpose behind this event is to benefit Renewal and all of the incredible work they do to save lives. The people behind this organization are very special. They are involved in each of these living donor transplantations, both physically and spiritually. They go to the hospital on the day of the surgery and they send out an email before each surgery with the names of both the donor and recipient with Tehillim (psalms) included. Does donating a kidney slow you down? Absolutely not! I know a mom in Canada that donated a kidney to her brother several years ago. She has since had 4 healthy children and trained for a few marathons as well. Amazingly, each of Renewal’s previous events have brought forth kidney donors that resulted in successful transplants. Renewal has facilitated over 200 living donor kidney transplants in the six years since its inception. I loved that these donors are recognized in a beautiful book. You never know, a kidney donation may be in your future? Learn more about Renewal at http://www.life-renewal.org. Interested in attending the event, please go to https://renewal.ticketbud.com/wine2013.





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