The Manhattan House That Feels Like Home


A couple of weeks ago, I traded in my usual evening attire (pajamas) for a more suitable outfit to attend the Tamsen Fadal and Project You Cocktail Party at the Manhattan House model residences. The brisk walk from the subway to the centrally located building at 200 East 66th Street on the Upper East Side was well worth it. I was greeted by a hospitable doorman and a very warm lobby. I proceeded up to the cocktail party in what looked like an apartment building from the hallway. The minute I walked into the apartment, I felt like I was in a home. Complete spaciousness. No clutter. I could breathe. I fell in love instantly!

heatherzick beth and tamsen fadal
Heather Zick, Beth Feldman, and Tamsen Fadal

Manhattan House was designed in 1950 by master architect Gordon Bunshaft Owings and Merrill and was designated a New York City Landmark in 2007. The building has since been impeccably re-engineered, and it is amazing. The residneces in this building go from one to five bedrooms; built to pre-war standards including concrete demising walls, solid core doors and custom plaster moldings. Everything from the balconies for residences above the Seventh Floor, to the master bathrooms with radiant floor heating and polished chrome fixtures, I wanted to move in.

manhattan house living room

The apartment was just incredible. As soon as I walked in, I was greeted by Beth Feldman, the talented woman behind Project You. She immediately directed me towards a modern kitchen, complete with modern appliances. There was a selection of wines and cheeses on the counter of what was the most beautiful kitchen I had seen in a very long time. You know the type of kitchen you would actually want to spend time in and cook. Everything was so nicely organized and the color scheme was a delight. After schmoozing with some of my friends from the blogosphere, I was invited to go on a tour of this apartment as well as some of the other model residences in the building. I also had the opportunity to meet Heather Zick, the woman behind the spectacular furniture arrangements and accompanying accents in the Manhattan House model residences.

Each and every room was so well decorated. The color schemes were just what I would love in my own home. Each couch had me reading a book or taking a rest. The dining room, living room, and kitchen had me thinking about inviting people over for Shabbos meal and Passover Seders. I could see my family and friends sitting around the living room after a hearty meal, telling stories and feeling comfortable. My dream, as I sit here typing from my living room with paint peeling off of the walls and curtains that are not doing their job because a certain four-year old boy pulled them down! Why dream, make things happen. I can put those curtains back-up and I can re-paint the walls. No matter what a room or house may look like at a certain time, there are design ideas and affordable solutions that can optimize space on a budget. Here are some helpful design tips that Heather Zick shared with me that evening:
Choose furniture styles and layout wisely:

• Stools and ottomans that can double as tables or additional seating
Art, Accessories and Area Rugs:
• Take your own photographs and have them printed on photo paper or Shop in the flower district for candle holders, trays, vases and silk
• If you see an expensive piece of art you like, commission a friend or local art student to create an interpretation of it
A big part of what makes me feel at home is the lighting. In the winter, this can be challenging. I love these lighting tips that Heather shared:
• Buy plain white paper lampshades which are the least expensive kind and sponge-paint them for a cool, textural finish and better ambience
I am so glad that I was able to spend the night in such great company and in such a beautiful environment. I learned a lot about how to maximize space without clutter, one of my own personal goals. As I sit here amongst scattered crayons, coloring pages, books, headbands, and toys, I see potential in making my home a place that I am proud to call home.
Disclaimer: This was not a paid post. I was provided a $25 gift card to put towards one of Heather Zick’s design ideas. card to put towards one of Heather Zick’s design ideas. I have put it towards some photographs that I will enlarge and put up in my home.

Learn more about Manhattan House at Read the most recent issue of Beth Feldman’s ProjectYou at


Niche Mommy Conference In New Orleans, LA 2012

I I just returned from The Niche Mommy Conference, which took place at the lovely & famous Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans, LA. As I write this post, twitter is trending with #HurricanIssac and people are evacuating the area. I am praying for their safety!

I was presented at the Niche Mommy Conference, along with one of the other fantastic Trumpeting Media founders, Dvina Rodriguez. Usually, we are with kids in tow, bu this was a conference was just for us moms (and dads). I must admit, I did miss my family a lot and I do not want to be away from them anytime soon. Nevertheless, this was a fantastic opportunity to meet other niche mom bloggers, both beginners and seasoned social media mavens. This conference would not have been possible without the lovely Nadia Jones and her incredible team of volunteers. I have never been to a conference with this magnitude of networking opportunities with some of the biggest bloggers in the nichesosphere! I just loved seeing how diverse we all our, yet, when it comes to advice about motherhood, taming tantrums, and making our blogs successful, we are all on the same page!

It was so nice to stand within a few feet of some of the biggest names in the social media space,like Ted Rubin. He had the crowd intrigued and motivated during his keynote presentation. Tweets were flying, rich with his quotes and emphasis on the r&r of social media (relationships and reputation). It was great to see how @JetBlue was tweeting along after Ted mentioned them in his presentation. They even tweeted back to me!!

While I did not have a chance to attend all of the sessions, I can share with you why I loved the sessions I did attend. Like, the Travel Blogging Workshop, with Tracey Friley. A blogger after my own traveling dreams. She had so many great tips on photography and how to write as a travel blogger. I can’t wait to hear about her upcoming trip to Morocco! How cool is she! Very!

I also just loved the session, Become a Niche Rock Star: How Focusing Your Message Can Grow Your Audience, with Laura Fuentes and Tamara Floyd. Did you know that Tamara speaks several languages? Wow! Then, it was time for just what the doctor ordred, Dr. Daisy Sutherland. She came out in a cape, which lead into her discussion about her new book, Letting Go of Super Mom. Since it was Shabbos at this point in the conference, I wasn’t able to take notes. However, her message rang loud in clear. I am so happy that I do not have to be a Super Mom, but I can be a Power Mom! You must get her book, it will have your mission as a mommy clear as day!

I also attended the session, Leveraging Brand Relationships for Conference Sponsorship and Other Paid Opportunities as a Multi-Cultural Blogger with Joscelyn Ramos Campbell, Sili M. Recio, and Yadira Ambert. These are so smart mamas! I was so impressed with their approach to reaching out to brands and how to best secure sponsorships. This can happen whether you have 10k followers or just 1k. Very inspiring!

Next on the agenda was lunch served-up with inspiration from Karen Walrond. Did I mention that Nadia Jones hooked me up with the most delicious kosher meals during the conference? A very special shout out to! Again Karen’s presentation was about How to be Extraordinary ,which was just that! I am so glad that I had to tell her that as well! One of th last sessions I attended was, Building Your Brand with Google+ by Nimi Cheetham-West. Who knew Google+ had so much to offer, and so easy to use as well! Nimi gave over a wonderful presentation and I left that session with a whole new appreciation for Google+.

I can’t wait for Niche Mommy 13, back in New Orleans, LA! I am so happy that I had the chance to meet almost everybody individually and had them my business card. I also gave over my ‘elevator speech’ several times, after all, practice does make perfect!

After the conference, I had the opportunity to check out some of the local, and world famous, sites within walking distance of the historic and swanky Roosevelt Hotel. Here are some of the pictures I took, as well as some that Dvina Rodriguez took and shared with me.


 This post is not complete without mentioning my sponsors, Captain McFinn and Friends and The Manischewitz Company.

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Rosie Pope of Pregnant in Heels Creates Exclusive Capsule Collection for A Pea in the Pod

Thanks Primetime Parenting for sending this Save1Person founder on another fun assignment. This past Thursday I had the unique opportunity to mingle with Rosie Pope, the star of Bravo’s Pregnant in Heels, amongst a large crowd of Moms and Moms-to-be at Destination Maternity’s Flagship Store.

The purpose of this gathering was to showcase Rosie Pope for A Pea in the Pod™, an exclusive capsule collection available at A Pea in the Pod® and Destination Maternity stores nationwide. I can honeslty say the clothing was sexy, glamorous and spacious for that expecting mom and expanding belly.

In addition to her maternity fashion creations, Rosie specializes in coaching Manhattan new moms and moms-to-be through every step of their pregnancies, from style advice to infant CPR training to the latest trends in birthing options. Rosie currently lives in NYC with her husband Daron, two sons J.R. and Wellington, and newborn daughter VivienneMadison. Yes, she is looking amazing as ever just 5 weeks post delivery!

Rosie Pope with husband Daron Pope (left) and Chris Daniel, President of Destination Maternity Corporation (right)

Not only is Rosie Pope beautiful on the outside, she is beautiful on the inside as well. I found it interesting to know that Rosie Pope’s career began when she worked at A Pea in the Pod. She also explained the inspiration behind her collection— she was pregnant at the time she designed it— and desire to make versatile pieces for moms-to-be to feel stylish and comfortable from day to night.

For a bunch of moms and moms-to-be, this was quite a lively group of women. What’s not fun, especially when shopping a new collection while sampling a sweet selection of candy and sipping on mocktails provided by Dylan’s Candy Bar. Even without being pregnant, Dylan’s is my go to place to satisfy any craving!

Even though I was pregnant a few years back, it was so wonderful to see how glowing and glamorous pregnancy can be (and should be) with these versatile and comfortable pieces created by Rosie Pope. The heat last Thursday didn’t stop the large crowd of moms-to-be for showing up. In fact, the first 50 moms-to-be that arrived were treated to a Rosie Pope Maternity Diaper Clutch. The first 100 moms-to-be that arrived received a Destination Maternity giftcard with a mystery value up to $250.

Whether you are pregnant or want to give a gift to a pregnant friend, keep up with the world’s leading maternity brands Motherhood Maternity® and Pea in the Pod® visit Make sure you follow @DestinationMat on Twitter and Like Destination Maternity on Facebook.

This was not a paid post. Lauren Finkelstein attended this event in order to review the new line that Rosie Pope created for A Pea in the Pod.


Photos from: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Destination Maternity


Are Pediatric Emergency Rooms Ready For Your Emergency?

If you are a parent, grandparent, mom, step-mom, or sibling, you know what a Pediatric Emergency room is. You may have even been in one recently. I am going to share a true story about what happened when these parents took their prematurely born daughter to the pediatrician and hospital emergency room. The following story was written by the parents.

Our daughter Rebecca was born four weeks early on July 13, 2006. We loved her from the moment of birth and savored every hour with her. She was released from the NICU five days later, supposedly as a healthy baby girl. The next day, Rebecca was severely congested with thick mucus, continuing her slow feedings, and had difficulty breathing. We took her to the pediatrician and the hospital emergency room during each of the following days we had her. Doctors diagnosed her symptoms as a common cold, and she was repeatedly sent home. Unfortunately, Rebecca passed away on the morning of July 21. We later found out that she had contracted an enteroviral infection that can be lifethreatening in babies. Had her symptoms been treated, she may still be here today. As a result of this tragedy with Rebecca, we created the R Baby Foundation. This charity is dedicated to helping newborn babies, primarily those less than a month old suffering from viral infections and other infectious diseases, receive the highest quality of care and service through supporting education, research, training and life-saving equipment.

This story was taken from The R Baby Foundation website. The parents that wrote this story are Phyllis & Andrew Rabinowitz. You can read more about their story here. Their goal is to save as my babies’ lives as possible.

In order to reach as many people as possible, the R Baby Foundation enlisted a very influential list of parent bloggers. I was beyond thrilled and honored to be invited to participate in this initiative. I am happy to support this organization and will attend the 5 Star Gala honoring the amazing Julia Beck in NYC next week.

With a passion and gift of exceptional reach, we all participated in an #rbabyfoundation twitter party. In one hour, we reached almost 10 million impressions and was a topic trending in NYC! The reach was tremendous and the conversations inspirational, emotional, and most importantly, hopeful.

You can help R Baby Foundation accomplish their goal of improving Pediatric Emergency centers around the world. I have included some links below.

Please sign our petition to improve pediatric emergency care

View and share the R Baby Foundation PSA

Share the R Baby ad

Follow R Baby on Twitter

Follow R Baby Facebook

Grab the R Baby Foundation blogger badge 

Read and share tips from R Baby Foundation

Join us for the R Baby Foundation 5 star gala:


Shop with Glassybaby and donate


Share you emergency department story with other parents.

Thank you for making a difference! Follow the conversation about R Baby Foundation and use #rbabyfoundation.

NY Yankee All-Star is Making the World a Better Place One Smell at a Time

Contributed by Lauren Finkelstein,

Esti from Prime Time Parenting sent this mommy blogger on an assignment to go sniff out a All Star NY Yankee, Curtis Granderson, who’s the new face behind a NY Yankee cologne with fellow teammate Mariano Rivera. 

My brother was for sure jealous, as when I had the opportunity to meet Derek Jeter at a Starbucks in my neighborhood, and asked for his autograph for my son, my brother’s response was “How could you not get Derek Jeter’s autograph for me?” I thought for sure when I got a picture with this all-star player it would make my brother go batty.

 Anyway, when I had an opportunity to interview Curtis Granderson and ask him about how he’s making the world a better place, I was truly impressed about more than his home runs. Curtis told me about his Grand Kids Foundation, which raises funds for education for inner city youth and sports programs. Curtis’s response was that when he became famous through baseball, he felt a responsibility to pay it forward – it was more of a response, how could I not?

So what does Curtis’s philanthropic endeavors have to do with the newly released NY Yankee cologne / fragrance for men and women? Curtis said he’s not personally receiving a dime for his effort and time for this fragrance. Curtis’s compensation goes directly to the education of inner city youth and sports programs. I think Curtis should be a role model for all well known athletes, as well as all famous notables.

At the press conference a reporter asked who’s fragrance is better Derek Jeter’s or this NY Yankees fragrance. Curtis said with a chuckle, there’s no competition and nothing really to talk about there.








The Marvel Avengers Take The Bronx Zoo This Weekend

The Bronx Zoo will be the only place in the US that will have the 4 costumed characters appearing from the new film Avengers Assemble prior to the film release of Avengers Assemble (Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and the HULK)!

The Avengers will be performing an EXCLUSIVE Bronx Zoo show “Marvel’s Avengers: Super Heroes Saving the Earth” at 11:30, 1:30 and 3:30 on Sunday April 29th on the Animal Tales Extravaganza Main Stage

Guests will have the opportunity to meet and take photos with the Four Avengers at 12:30 and 2:30 both days in Dancing Crane Pavilion

Guest can visit the Main Stage for special Avengers prizing from Disney Pictures, Radio Disney and Wyndham Resorts including a limited-edition Avengers comic book and Avengers screening passes.

You can still get a 20% discount – running from April 17th – May 6th, which provides a great short term discount on Total Experience tickets that will only be available for this time period. For more information, go here.

Keep up to date with events at The Bronx Zoo on Facebook. If you tweet, follow them on Twitter @TheBronxZoo. Keep up with my adventures at The Bronx Zoo, New York Aquarium, Central Park Zoo, Prospect Zoo and Queens Zoo @primetimeparent.

Disclaimer: My blog is participating in a sponsored ambassador program from the Bronx Zoo/NY Aquarium. As a part of this program I have received paid advertising compensation, a premium family membership and merchandise for placement of digital advertisements and specific postings related to programming.




A Night Out with The Moms and Review of Magic/Bird

contributed by Lauren Finkelstein,

Who knew Moms could be so popular. At times, it seems as though our lives are just one food spill after another, laundry loads, and sleepless nights. It is nice to know that Denise Albert and Melissa Gerstein of The Moms can put the glam back in to mom. Who knew? 

This time, The Moms hosted a Broadway event, teaming with Max Cure Foundation for Pediatric Cancer and Kids Foot Locker for a night of awareness, fun and dunking your sneakers for support and helping to find a cure for this horrible disease. 

The Moms make it so you can be entertained, mix and mingle with the cast of the show and just really feel like Mommy hood is cool while giving back to the world at large. 

Magic/Bird, was about Magic Johnson and Larry Bird and their unexpected friendship that developed over the many years. The play was poignant, funny and entertaining. I would recommend to anyone who enjoys basketball or does not, to take the family out for a night of pure enjoyment, fun and to be taken through the hoops. Get ready for the tip off, if you want to bedazzled by actors showing you the relationship between basketball legends and their journey in the world of sports.

Great Events Kick Off This Weekend at The Bronx Zoo

This year, I am WCS Bronx Zoo/NY Aquarium Blog Ambassador and I will be sharing their schedule of events and discount tickets, when available. Yes, a 20% discount – running from April 17th – May 6th, which provides a great short term discount on Total Experience tickets that will only be available for this time period.

This weekend at the Bronx Zoo kicks off with a Meet & Greet with Yo Gabba Gabba! and Storybook Fun with Curious George! That’s not all!

Your kids will love the Mainstage: Storybook Fun with Curious George. This is a high-energy, interactive live performance featuring songs, games, storybook readings, fun dances and lots of audience participation with one of today’s most popular storybook characters!
11:30am, 1:30pm, and 3:30pm

Adjacent to Grizzly Bears Meet & Greet with Yo Gabba Gabba!Meet Brobee, Toodee and Foofa from the rockin’. pre-school series Yo Gabba Gabba!
2:30pm and 2:30pm at Dancing Crane Plaza

Each weekend of Animal Tales Extravaganza includes an array of activities for families and children. The zoo’s Dancing Crane Pavilion will be transformed into an intimate story time corner, presented by Plum Organics.

Zoo-goers can take a break and read from a wide variety of animal-themed books from Simon & Schuster, Candlewick Press, and Hyperion. Children can then stage their own animal tale with a puppet they create at the Bright Horizons Early Education & Preschools crafts area.

In addition, this year features a special production – Avenue ZOO – featuring a guest appearance by Kate Monster, the beloved puppet star of the Tony Award-winning musical AVENUE Q.

Running each weekend on the zoo’s Asia Plaza Stage, Avenue ZOO highlights the importance of wildlife conservation in a fun, entertaining way. It is a musical tale in which Kate Monster meets exotic animals and discovers that though they may seem strange and different, they are not as scary as she thought. Avenue ZOO performances will be at 12:30 and 2:30 p.m. each weekend from Saturday, April 21 through Sunday, Sept. 9

Also, the main stage has something for everyone throughout the spring season. Highlights of this season’s main stage entertainment include:

· April 21 and April 22 – Storybook Fun with Curious George
· April 28 and 29 – Marvel’s Avengers: Heroes Saving the Earth featuring Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and HULK
· May 5 and 6 – Nickelodeon’s Dora and Diego: We Did It!
· May 12 and 13 – Sportacus from Sprout’s Lazytown
· May 19 and 20 – Disney’s Choo-Choo Soul with Genevieve
· June 2 and 3 – Ferdinand the Bull
· June 9 and 10 – Barney™ Sing-Along
· June 16 and 17 – Super Sprowtz™
· June 30 – Spider-Man takes over the zoo

I know that my kids love any opportunity to meet and take pictures with will their favorite personalities. At the Bronx Zoo, the Dancing Crane Pavilion has meet-and-greets scheduled with top children’s entertainment characters including Yo Gabba Gabba; Marvel’s Avengers; Nickelodeon’s Dora and Diego, Sportacus from Sprout’s Lazytown; Mo Willems’ Elephant and Piggie; Buddy the T-Rex from Dinosaur Train; Maisy Mouse; Olivia™ and more.

Eight-time Academy Award-winning composer Alan Menken will present favorite songs from his collection along with Music Unites Youth Choir of Women’s Academy of Excellence on Saturday, June 2.

Actor LeVar Burton, host of the Peabody award-winning series Reading Rainbow will make an appearance on Saturday and Sunday, June 16 and 17 for a special storybook reading. LeVar will share his favorite tips and techniques to encourage young readers and host a special preview of the new Reading Rainbow iPad book discovery and reading application.

Find a full listing of Animal Tales Extravaganza dates and times is available HERE. For hour, direction and more info, go to: Plus, buy tickets online and save 20% HERE.

I am so thankful for The Wildlife Conservation Society. Founded in1895, their mission is to save wildlife and wild places across the globe. During their 115 years, they have forged the power of our global conservation work and the management of our five parks in New York City to create the world’s most comprehensive conservation organization. They currently manage about 500 conservation projects in more than 60 countries; and educate millions of visitors at our five living institutions in New York City on important issues affecting our planet. Their parks include: the Bronx Zoo, New York Aquarium, Central Park Zoo, Prospect Park Zoo and Queens Zoo. The WCS parks in New York City welcome 4 million visitors each year, and help the city to educate millions of schoolchildren in science and conservation issues.

This year, put The Wildlife Conservation Society on your agenda when in New York. Beautiful, fun, meaningful, and educational for the everybody!

Keep up to date with events at The Bronx Zoo on Facebook. If you tweet, follow them on Twitter @TheBronxZoo. Keep up with my adventures at The Bronx Zoo, New York Aquarium, Central Park Zoo, Prospect Zoo and Queens Zoo @primetimeparent.

 Disclaimer: My blog is participating in a sponsored ambassador program from the Bronx Zoo/NY Aquarium. As a part of this program I have received paid advertising compensation, a premium family membership and merchandise for placement of digital advertisements and specific postings related to programming.





Moms and the City Screening of “Life Happens”

I am so happy to have PrimeTimeParenting contributors like Lauren and Bonnie. They have been able to cover some amazing events for PrimeTimeParenting over the past few weeks. In fact, Moms and the City have had several fantastic events. See what Lauren and Bonnie thought about the Moms and the City screening of the movie, “Life Happens”.
Contributed by Lauren Finkelstein of Continue reading

Totsy Event Unveils Shopping Trends in Moms

Contributed by Lauren Finkelstein,

Prime Time Parenting sent me out on assignment to cover a Totsy press event. The execs at Totsy did some extensive research where mom shops, how they shop, what’s their priorities, and I was surprised at some of the findings. This research was done In partnership with Maria Bailey, author, marketing to moms expert and owner of BSM Media. Mrs. Bailey moderated this lively discussion and revealed the results of two nationally representative surveys on Mom’s shopping trends.

For instance, did you know moms are more likely to buy a house when house shopping where there’s a window that looks into the backyard when doing dishes, then not. The stats included what moms are more likely to spend money on, how and if they travel, how much they enjoy traveling and things of that nature. Continue reading