(Review) Splish Splash Keeps the Heat of Summer Away with Chills and Thrills for All

2013-07-04 10.53.51

This past July 4th my family and I decided to spend the day at Splish Splash, located at 2549 Splish Splash Drive, Calverton, NY. Since we are always looking for ways to cool off as a family in the New York area, Splish Splash was the perfect water wonderland for us. The drive took about an hour from Queens. Having done some research in advance of our visit to Splish Splash, I wanted to share some of that with you here. First, my 8 year old daughter shares her thoughts here (she actually typed this):

“It’s full of water. There are so many rides that you can’t’ go on all of them.  Splish Splash has the best rides ever. Lazy River was very relaxing all you had to do was sit on the floatie while it went down the river.  After that we went to eat ice cream and funnel cake. The funnel cake had tons of sugar.  Dinosaur Falls was a twirly slide it wasn’t that scary but it was really fun”.

Before you head out to Splish Splash, here are some hints and tips to make your time there as enjoyable as possible.

Arrive between 9:00-9:30 in the morning and get a parking space next to the picnic area. This was very important to us, as we are a family that keeps strictly kosher and no outside food is allowed into Splish Splash. The parking prices vary; $12.00 per day for general parking and $20.00 for a parking spot closer to the main entrance. The picnic benches are near right next to the general parking. The walk is not so bad, and besides, the kids get all excited upon seeing the water rides awaiting them.

Here are the prices for entry into the park. There are seasons passes available and you can find out more about them here

General Admission $39.99 $37.99
Under 48” tall, Seniors 60 and over $29.99 $27.99
Children 2 years old & under Free Free

Once you are in the park and you do not want to schlep a lot of gear around with you, lockers are available for rent. We chose a small cubby type locker for under $3. Being that this is a day full of moments you want to capture with your camera, bring them. You can find waterproof fanny packs online, highly recommended. As far as towels, suntan lotion, and other items are concerned, a small beach bag or backpack will do.

I want to express how impressed both my husband and I were with the safety at Splish Splash. There are lifeguards at the end of each water slide. Something else that we greatly appreciated was that height requirements were easily visible and the beginning of each water slide and attraction. On their website, they strongly recommend all Guests under 48″ or who are weak or non-swimmers wear Coast Guard approved lifejackets where appropriate. In the wave pool, all guests under 48″ are REQUIRED to wear a lifejacket and be accompanied by an adult. Lifejackets are available in Guest Services. A $40.00 deposit or valid photo ID is required.

2013-07-04 13.03.44

Since there are 98-acres of water fun at Splish Splash, a very smart and savvy mom friend of mine suggested starting at the back of the park first. This way, the lines are not as long. If you do not have special dietary requirements, there is no shortage of food at Splish Splash. We noticed a lot of families eating the homestyle french fries and dippin’ chicken.  Since we keep kosher, we did find some treats to enjoy as we sat down by the Lazy River.  The Dippin Dots ice cream is (kosher) and the Funnel Cakes are (OU-D). My very smart kosher keeping mom friend brought a cooler of food and went back to her car to have lunch. She was the one that also advised me to arrive early and get a parking spot next to the picnic benches. We really enjoyed sitting by the Lazy River while the kids had ice cream and funnel cakes. I was transported into a complete place of vacationing. I felt like I was a million miles away from my home, I didn’t want the moment to escape me. I also wanted to mention that the background music at Splish Splash is excellent. I thought it was Pandora, but I was informed by Splish Splash that they create the playlist on their own.  It was the perfect blend of music from the 70s to current musical artists of today.

Since Splish Splash has the entire family in mind, we spent time in a few different places that families with young children will want to visit. We spent a lot of time at Pirates Cove, which has an interactive pirate ship complete with water cannons, climbing ropes and slides that translate to hours of fun. Height restriction of under 44″ unless accompanied by a child.  The kids also really enjoyed the Octopus Pool, perfect for little kids. Height restriction of under 44″ unless accompanied by a child. Other rides we really enjoyed at Splish Splash:

Max TraxExtreme body slide. This was amazing. I felt my entire stomach drop, such a thrill! With a drop 50′ straight down, I wouldn’t expect anything less!

Dinosaur Falls – Tube Slide Grab your raft for a daredevil expedition into the wilds of prehistory. Fortunately, the water runs fast, so you should keep just ahead of the dinosaurs. Be warned: the only thing bigger than their teeth is their appetite! Height restriction 42” (under 42” with an adult must be able to hold correct riding posture). Weight limit of 250lbs single rider, 400lbs combined.

Dragon’s Den – This is the only ride my youngest was not able to go on during our visit. This tube slide does have height restriction of 48”, and a weight limit 400lbs combined. This does require 2 people in a tube. If you are an odd number of people, like we were, you can definitely find a nice person in line to accompany you too.

lazy river

Lazy River – This was also an absolute treasure, full of surprise sprays of water along the way. The heat was defeated and I was transplanted to what felt like a tropical island, yet I had never left Long Island. This is the most relaxing tube ride, set on the gentle current of a beautifully landscaped river. 

Dinasour Falls – This tube slide was one of my daughter’s favorites. This fantastic swirl of a ride had us giggling with excitement; each twist and turn brought forth just enough water to keep us cool.   There are height restrictions 42” (under 42” with an adult must be able to hold correct riding posture). Weight limit of 250lbs single rider, 400lbs combined.

The day went so fast and soon it was time for us to go home. Splish Splash is a place I would visit again and again. Whether you are a mom with a toddler, or a family with teens, Splish Splash should be on your agenda this summer.

If you do visit Splish Splash this summer, share your memories on their facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/SplishSplashWaterPark or send them a tweet over on twitter at https://twitter.com/splishsplashwp. Check them out on YouTube as well. I have shared a video you might like right here in this post. Give you the chills, doesn’t it? With this heat wave, that is a chill you want to catch!

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here in this post are my own. I was provided tickets to the park in order to experience Splish Splash and provide this review.



(Review) The Ocean Brings More to NYC Then Just a Day at the Beach This Summer

studio gold

The warm weather and sunny skies has all of us enjoying the beautiful weather outside. Summer has always been my favorite time of year. As a kid, I never was affected by the humidity like I am now.  This past week was especially humid and I knew that I had to compile a list of places to escape it.  I found a great place that to escape the heat but still enjoy the wonders of the sea at the Odyssey Marine Exploration, Inc. and Discovery Times Square. Stay cool and dive-in without getting wet and explore SHIPWRECK! Pirates & Treasure, an interactive, multi-media exhibit containing more than 500 artifacts from deep-ocean expeditions around the world.  

You might be wondering about how this could be possible. Well, with the help of Odyssey’s unparalleled deep-sea archaeological and technological capabilities, SHIPWRECK! brings a unique look into the depths of the ocean through a mix of actual historical artifacts and hands-on, interactive computer games and exhibits.   This is a great outing for people of all ages; the exhibit helps to bring history to life by uncovering priceless knowledge from the depths of the sea.  Artifacts found at the exhibit, such as rare bottles, porcelain figurines, and a 300-year-old carpenter’s folding ruler, will transport guests back in time as they get an up close and personal look at over 2,000 years of nautical history. Treasure seekers will find a stunning collection of gold and silver recovered from the deep, including the first ever display of silver recovered from the SS Gairsoppa over three miles deep.

This exhibit is 20 years in the making and Greg Stemm, Odyssey Chief Executive Officer, worked with the team that discovered hundreds of shipwrecks in the deep ocean. The shipwrecks cover a very large portion of history, ranging from 2,000 year old Roman wrecks to WWII U-boats, and last year set a world record by recovering over 40 tons of silver from a shipwreck nearly three miles deep.  This exhibit is an absolute treasure for the general public and Discovery Times Square is a premiere venue.  SHIPWRECK! provides the ultimate artifact viewing experience and visitors can get up close and personal with those discovered by the team.  Additionally, the tools and technology necessary to explore the deep ocean will be on display as well.

One of the exhibit’s most coveted highlights is the wreck of the SS Republic, a Civil War-era side-wheel steamship which sank to the bottom of the ocean in 1865 due to a ferocious storm.  The Republic, yielding over 51,000 silver and gold coins and 14,000 artifacts, was discovered by Odyssey 1,700 feet below the surface of the Atlantic in 2003 and now provides visitors with a detailed look at life in America in the late 19th century.   

SHIPWRECK! Pirates & Treasure also offers guests the chance to put their skills to the test by piloting a virtual submersible over the Republic wreck site and scouring for artifacts with an operable model of Odyssey’s remotely Operated Vehicle ZEUS’ robotic arm.  The exhibit’s Hurricane Simulator also pushes guests’ strength to the limit as they face up against 75-mph winds.  

SHIPWRECK! Pirates & Treasure will be on display at Discovery Times Square, located at 226 W 44th St New York, NY 10036.  For more information, please visit http://www.discoverytsx.com/exhibitions/shipwreck 

I am giving away 5 tickets and it is so easy to win.  Simply leave a comment with you would want to take to this exhibit below. The winner will be selected on July 10. You must live in the US to win.

(Preview) #DeliveryManMovie from DreamWorks Pictures Stars Vince Vaughn


I was recently selected to be one of the bloggers to exclusively debut the new trailer for DELIVERY MAN. When I first heard the title of the film, I immediately thought it must be about a UPS person and I had visions of somebody in a brown shirt and shorts. As soon as I saw the trailer, I found out I was way off about this idea. In fact, this film is about a different type of delivery; one that can change a life in an instant.

“Delivery Man,” is the story of affable underachiever David Wozniak, whose mundane life is turned upside down when he finds out that he fathered 533 children through sperm donations he made twenty years earlier. In debt to the mob, rejected by his pregnant girlfriend, things couldn’t look worse for David when he is hit with a lawsuit from 142 of the 533 twenty-somethings who want to know the identity of the donor. As David struggles to decide whether or not he should reveal his true identity, he embarks on a journey that leads him to discover not only his true self but the father he could become as well.


Vince Vaughn plays the role of David, and as we all know, he delivers quite the performance in any role he plays. I first saw him in Swingers when he played Trent. He was the friend with confidence and security in this film, sure of his purpose. He was always listening to his friend Mike and his troubles. Now comes along a film, Delivery Man, where his character is about to embark upon something he has no prior experience; fatherhood. How will he do?

This is what we will all find out when the movie hits theaters on November 22, 2013. When I think about how being a parent changed me, I hope that it will do the same for David. Sure, you can read all of the “how to” books and get courage from personal blogs, however, that will not be exactly how you will process each situation. There is something in us all, our own personal experiences tucked away from our own childhood, that comes out in those situations. It brings out something in us that can’t be found in a book. For example, when I sent my daughter to school for the first time, I was in tears. Would she be safe? Would she make friends? Would she miss me? As the years have gone and she has grown, each new experience she embarks upon I find myself there with here if not physically, but mentally. I want her and her siblings to succeed in everything they do. I want them to have great days, make good friends, and share. However, there will be bumps along the way. Not just on the knee or elbow, but in each thing that they do. Things don’t always work out the way we plan for our children. They many not make friends, they may not like school, and they may not be the ballerina we had hoped they would be. It is in these situations when I know that they need both my husband and I the most. This is when, as parents, we grow and learn the most about ourselves!


Whether you are a parent, and aunt, uncle, or grandparent, don’t you feel that you have learned just as much from kids and teens as they have from you?

Insert pictures here

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 Release Date: November 22, 2013 Studio: DreamWorks Pictures Director: Ken Scott Screenwriter: Ken Scott Starring: Vince Vaughn, Chris Pratt, Cobie Smulders, Britt Robertson Genre: Comedy

(Review) It’s the Holiday Season in the Summer with Disney

(Contributed by Lauren Finkelstein of save1person.org)

lauren at disney holiday preview

Prime Time Parenting sent this mommy blogger and world saver (www.Save1person.org) on another magical experience.  In the heat and humidity of New York City in the summer, I was escorted into a different time zone thanks to the folks at Disney.

When I walked into the building, it was Christmas and Chanukah time. In true Disney style, the red carpet was rolled out to showcase their upcoming collection for the holiday season.  From Mickey and Minnie to glitzy nail polish from our favorite mermaid, Ariel. New on the

Disney scene and wildly popular is the Sofia the First Magical talking doll. Did you know even vampires can be cute? Thanks to Disney, Vamprina Ballernia will be a big hit this holiday season too.

disney make up

What I liked the best was the makeovers at the event. I am happy that Disney has products for us big kids, after all, we all have a little bit of the Disney Magic leftover from childhood. It’s never too early, or too late, to wish upon star and get in on some of the hottest holiday gifts for the old and young from Disney.

Disclaimer: Lauren attended this preview event and the opinions here are her own. Samples of some of the new products from this event were distributed.


(Review) Tropics in the Big City of New York

vita coco kids

Contributed by Lauren Finkelstein of Save1person.org

Prime Time Parenting sent this mommy blogger and world saver (www.Save1person.org) on another delightful and fun adventure in New York City. I was sent to scout out the best coconut drink for kids.

Lauren Finkelstein of save1person.org

Lauren Finkelstein of save1person.org

Recently, I was in the Dominican Republic on a short holiday. And one thing I love about the tropics is when the locals come around with a coconut and cut it in front of you, and serve you the coconut water. It’s delicious. Who knew there’s a company that makes a drink like this for city folk too.

Vita Coco makes such a drink. I went to their event promoting their new kid drink Vita Coco Kids, and I served it to my son and he gave it the thumbs up: healthy, tasty, and filling. Who knew the tropics could be as close as Target or Amazon. If you want a taste of the Caribbean without leaving your house, you may want to check out Vita Coco or Vita Coco for Kids.

The story behind Vita Coco is fantastic, you’ve got to read it. Bring the tropics to you and your kids, check out where you can find Vita Coco kids and why it is so good for your entire family!

Keep up with Vita Coco Kids on facebook too!

Disclaimer. This was not a paid post. Prime Time Parenting was sent to find out more about this product in order to write this review.

(Review) Blue Man Group Continues to Shower Audiences with Fun

A couple of weeks ago, I had a great night out in New York City with my husband. The truth is, we are usually too tired to venture into NYC after a full-day of work. I am not trying to kvetch here, but this type of stuff is especially tiring for a couple of Prime Time Parents like us. You know, getting kids off to school, working at our respective jobs, getting kids’ home from school, homework, dinner, baths, books, and bed. Even younger parents get tired, you know who you are. So, we’re tired. So, we went out anyway. So glad we did, because the Blue Man Group at the Astor Theater in NYC is just what we needed! Have you seen the Blue Man Group?

I actually had seen the show in Chicago over 20 years ago. I can still remember how cool and engaging it was to me back then. How they made the most amazing jam sessions come to life with rubber tubing is still a mystery to me. The performance art in this show is fantastic, and that’s without a word from the Blue Man Group!

The show has kept up with modern themes and has incorporated the role that texting and social media plays in our daily lives. The GiPad Apple parody was very entertaining. You can catch a sneak peak of it in the clip below.

If you want to be entertained and amused, this is the show for you. We had great seats, just far enough away from flying twinkies debris or Captain Crunch particles (that happens on the first level). However, a Blue Man did jump up to the railing and danced in front of us on the 2nd level. I haven’t laughed so hard, nor has my husband, in a very long time. We had so much fun we forgot how tired we were!

If you are looking for a fun night out in a very cool neighborhood, definitely check out The Blue Man Group at the Astor Place Theater, 434 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10003. The show is non-stop and runs for 1 hour and 45 minutes without intermission (yes, use the facilities before). If you are taking public transportation, it is just a 2 minute walk from the 6 train at Lafayette Street. After the show, grab a coffee at the Starbucks at 25 Astor Place, biggest one I’ve seen yet! I definitely want to go back there with my laptop and work.

You can buy tickets here, or go to the Astor Place Theater website for more information on the show. You can also keep up with them via these social media platforms:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bluemangroup
Twitter: http://twitter.com/BlueManGroup
Tumblr: http://bluemangroup.tumblr.com/
Instagram: @bluemangroup
Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/bluemangroup

Disclaimer: This was not a paid post. I was supplied tickets to review the show and share it with you here. The opinions expressed in this post are my own.

(Review) The Children’s Place Has The Styles to Keep Kids Cool This Summer

childrens place red white blue

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to preview the summer collection from The Children’s Place in New York. Since we are already big fans of Children’s Place, we just couldn’t wait to see the latest and greatest styles for kids. We had just put our heavier polos, skirts, and tights away (yes, from The Children’s Place too) and were ready for the lighter fabrics for summer. We love that we can always find what we need here, and online, and with great prices too.

With two girls (little fashionistas) and one boy (he also has a flare for fashion) in tow, we found some great clothes and accessories to keep all of us cool this summer.

Sun protection is essential, so we stocked-up on these sunglasses and swim cover-ups
And hats

miara sunglasses

rhinestone sunglasses $3.00

swimming coverups

graphic rash guard $12.00

love this hat

Americana fedora $9.06

The girls just couldn’t resist these headbands

miara headband

triple crystal flower headband $3.00

The shorts and shirts for boys were just perfect, both price and style combined


striped skull polo $7.00

pull on shorts

pull-on shorts $10.00

Flip flops for her

butterfly flip flops

butterfly flip flops $3.00

Since we put the winter pjs away, these lighter materials will keep the kids comfortable at night.

children's sleep princess

mermaid nightgown $10.00

children's place sleep

ice cream pj set $10.00

Even if you can’t make it to the store like we did, you can always order online. Sign-up for updates and get special discount codes for your next order.

Disclaimer: This was not a paid post and the opinions expressed here are my own. I did receive gift card to shop at The Children’s Place in order to provide an accurate account of my shopping experience.

THE AMERICAN BAKING COMPETITION Premiers Tonight on CBS and I Got The Scoop from Marcela Valladolid

tasting the baked goods

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to interview Marcela Valladolid, a seriously incredible person. Not only is she a gifted chef, she is also a mom too. So, why would she leave her warm and cozy home in Mexico to spend a very cold day in NYC? Marcela was in town promoting a new CBS summer reality series, The American Baking Competition. Hosted by comedian Jeff Foxworthy, Marcela will be joining Paul Hollywood, the star UK baker and current judge of the British series.

The competition series based on the format of the hit UK show “The Great British Bake Off” premieres tonight, May 29, (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

THE AMERICAN BAKING COMPETITION will feature skilled amateurs competing in baking challenges with one ultimately being crowned the winner. Not only will they be recognized for their baking expertise, but they will also be awarded a $250,000 Grand Prize and a Publishing Contract with Simon & Schuster’s Gallery Books. Now that is sweet!

Who are these amateur bakers and how did they get to be on this show?

meet the bakers 2

The 10 bakers were chosen from a nationwide search of amateur bakers at local casting bake-offs. Proving the joy of baking’s broad appeal, the six female and four male home bakers have varied lives and jobs, including a firefighter, photographer, homemaker, attorney, advertiser, home health care provider, college student, retiree, project manager and a baking enthusiast trying to go pro. Hmmm, maybe my husband, the chief baker in our home, should try out for the next season?

meet the bakers 3

Each week, THE AMERICAN BAKING COMPETITION will feature these passionate home bakers competing in three unique challenges – “Signature Bake,” “Technical Bake” and “Showstopper Bake.” The contestant who out-bakes the rest is that week’s “Star Baker,” while the one whose creations fail to impress is eliminated. The final challenge will be between the three remaining contestants, one of whom will go on to be crowned the best amateur baker in America!

This sounds so incredible, and I had the chance to schmooze with Marcela Valladolid about being a judge in this show. I found out that in addition to being an accomplished chef who specializes in the artistry of traditional Mexican cuisine, she is dedicated to showing the world that Mexican food is more than just a burrito and fried beans. I told her that even though I keep a strictly kosher diet, I also strive to share that Jewish food is more than just matzo balls and brisket.

Esti with Marcela

I started off by asking Marcela how she got inspired to work with food. She shared with me that her grandfather traveled to Europe and brought back cookbooks with the local ingredients, cheeses, and pastries used. It was those recipes that ‘wet her pallet’ and sparked her interest with tastes from other parts of the world. How could she apply that as a student of architecture? Once again, the answer was within her family. She dropped out of architecture school and her passion for the culinary world really began at her aunt’s cooking school
in Baja, Mexico. While Marcela was there, she really got the cooking experience she craved. From learning about all of the kitchen gadgets, to watching how each recipe came to life. It was obvious that her passion for cooking was not just a ‘flash in the pan’. Marcela went on to attend the Los Angeles Culinary Institute, followed by some additional training at the Ritz Escoffier Cooking School in Paris to become trained as a classical French pastry chef. Natural and passionate charisma led Marcela to be the host of Discovery en Español’s “Relatos con Sabor,” before hosting her own Food Network series, “Mexican Made Easy,” which premiered in 2010. She also served as a food editor at Bon Appétit magazine. Wanting to share her expertise on great Mexican food that combines freshness and flavor with ease in the kitchen, she published FRESH MEXICO: 100 Simple Recipes for True Mexican Flavor in 2009 and Mexican Made Easy in 2011. Marcela is very appreciative of the people that helped her achieve her dream, like Martha Stewart. In fact, she was a contestant on “The Apprentice: Martha Stewart”.

Marcela is very busy with a multitude of projects while juggling the roles of motherhood. Even with her busy schedule, she has made it a priority to attend all of her son’s special programs and events. While I was taking notes, Marcela giggled at my notebook; my daughter had left me a picture in it!


She only has one regret; she wasn’t able to attend one of his spelling bees. Thanks to modern mobile technology, she was able to listen along from where she was. I really admire a woman like Marcela and how she loves what she does. Marcela shared with me that she feels that food will come out the way the chef is feeling when they are cooking. I love that, as cooking should not be a chore, but a treat.

If you will be watching tonight, tweet along with
Jeff Foxworthy @foxoutdoors and others:

Official Twitter: @BakeOnCBS
CBS Twitter: @CBSTweet
Cast on Twitter:
Jeff Foxworthy @foxoutdoors
Paul Hollywood @Hollywoodbaker
MarcelaValladolid @chefmarcela

(Review) Magical Moments Begin With Disney Baby Products

Disney Baby

Last week I had the opportunity to view the Disney Baby collection in NYC. Even though my own kids are all past the baby stage (time flies), I am always on the look-out for baby gifts. I found so many adorable baby gift ideas and much more. Disney Baby has an array of products that take both mom and baby on the magical journey of bringing a new life into this world; pregnancy, newborn status, first solid food feedings, first steps, and beyond the bottle.

love these body lotions

For expecting moms, I found this Disney Store exclusive on display. I never took the time to pamper my pregnancy self with these items, but I would if I got pregnant again.

Disney Baby Pure Bliss Cooling Body Treatment from basq. When hot flashes come, and not go so quickly, this helps expectant moms stay cool. Blended with natural wonders like aloe vera, eucalyptus and lavender, this soothing lotion nourishes the skin so it feels velvety soft.

Disney Baby Soothing Lavender Mark Free Zone Stretch Mark Oil from basq. Perfect for soothing the not so comfortable moments of an ever expanding belly. Skincare specialists basq have created the perfect pregnancy and nursing body oil. This Soothing Lavender Mark Free Zone stretch mark oil is fast absorbing and keeps skin soft and resilient during pregnancy. Both of these items are available at the Disney Store.

mickey onesize grow with them

I remember when my kids were newborn, I loved the ease of putting on a bodysuit like this one. The comfort of the 100% cotton is refreshing for mom and baby. Something else that I love about these bodysuits; they have growth-spurts in mind. These bodysuits have Grow-An-Inch-Snaps™ That Grow With Your Baby™ for longer wear.

one size minnie

Disney Baby shoes for girls

From the occasional diaper explosion to first solid food feedings. Whether we like it or not, laundry loads with a baby in the house is a non-stop process. In our home, laundry detergents with sensitive skin in mind was a priority. Powerful scents were off-limits. This is not only for baby, but for mom, dad, and grandparents as well. I was so happy to see learn that Disney Baby has those issues in mind as well.


Baby ECOS® Hypoallergenic Laundry Detergent – Free & Clear. Again, with baby next to mom for multiple feedings, and dad for hugs, this laundry detergent has fabric softness in mind. Baby ECOS® laundry detergent featuring Winnie the Pooh is an everyday laundry detergent that is gentle for Baby’s sensitive skin. It rinses thoroughly, leaving Baby’s laundry clean and soft. While we would choose Free & Clear (Fragrance Free), it is also available in Lavender & Chamomile scents. Available in each in one of three sizes (170 oz., 100 oz. and 50 oz.).
Buy it at:

• Amazon
• Bed Bath & Beyond
• Diapers.com
• ecosbaby.com
• Home Depot
• Kroger (In store only)
• Sam’s Club

Suggested Retail Price: $5.99 to $14.99

When baby is finally sleeping through the night, moving to them to a crib is a huge milestone. Disney Baby had some adorable nursery ideas with some of my favorite older, Finding Nemo, and newer Disney Pixar favorites, Monsters University, in mind.

finding nemo love

I just love how the Disney colors go so well with each other. Now, with Disney Paint by Glidden available, bringing the Disney magic into the bedroom just got easier.

monster university thmed crib

In fact, we just completed our very own Disney Paint project. The colors are just so magical!

these blues like our mag metallic

We definitely had a lot of fun viewing the Disney Baby collection. We even spotted Winnie the Pooh there also!

Winnier the Pooh

Before we left the Disney Baby preview, we were pleased to see this sign:

a charitable component

Operation Shower is about celebrating, honoring and showing love to military families. Operation Shower is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and their mission is to provide joyful- AWESOME — baby showers for military families to ease the stress of deployment.

For military families who are expecting a new baby and are experiencing or have recently experienced deployment, we accomplish our mission through:

•hosting amazing baby showers;
•delivering high-quality products;
•creating a shared experience;
•bringing recognition to military families; and
•working with individuals and companies to provide them an opportunity to show their appreciation and love for military families.

For more information on how you can get involved with Operation Shower, go to http://operationshower.org/

Operation Shower

Disclaimer: I was invited to attend the Disney Baby preview. I did not receive any compensation for this review. All of the opinions expressed here in this post are my own. I did receive Disney Products to formulate this post.

(Review) Great Shoes for Girls When Heading to the Beach this Memorial Day Weekend


The Causeway in Gloucester, MA

The Causeway in Gloucester, MA

I feel like my kids have been waiting for Memorial Day Weekend forever. Since the kids were babies, we have always spent it on the beach in New England. Now that the girls are older, they have already shown how excited they are by modeling their newest additions to their beach attire; sandals and shoes. Even on a very rainy day, my daughter couldn’t resist them!

stuart weitzman sandal

stuart weitzman close up

This colorful sandal is The Stuart Weitzman Rose Water sandal. Yes, Stuart Weitzman! Perfect for the beach or just a stroll on the boardwalk, this shoe has just the right amount of ‘beach bling’ that my daughter wanted in a sandal. I am happy with the quality of the shoe, which includes:

• Textile upper in a thong sandal style with a rolled toe post
• Inner elastic goring panel for a secure fit
• 2 flower ornaments with rhinestone accents at vamp
• Smooth lining, cushioning footbed
• Traction outsole

stuart weitzman sandal

This sandal is available at Nordstrom.com, SRP $53.95, sizes 8-5.

For a more covered shoe that can go with an everyday dress or more of a fancy beach luncheon by the sea, the Michael Michael Kors Claret ballet flat is just perfect.

michael kors ballet flat

michael michael kors ballet flat

My daughter is thrilled with how easy this ballet flat is to ‘slip on’. When I asked her if they felt comfortable, she said that it felt like she was “walking on a cushion”. This is welcome news, especially since her last pair of fancy shoes required my assistance in fixing the strap every time we she wanted to put the shoes on, and off. Some other qualities that I love about the Michael Michael Kors Claret ballet flat are:

• Slip on design for quick easy on and off
• Lining with cushioned footbed for maximum comfort
• Durable, flexible rubber outsole
• Fabric cap toe with sequin overlay and bow accent
• Elasticized topline provides a secure fit

The Micheal Kors Claret ballet is also available at Nordstorm.com, SRP $63.95.

No matter what you wear to the beach this weekend, travel safe, where sunscreen, and take a lot of pictures.

Disclaimer: I was received a pair of each shoe in to order to write this review. The opinions expressed in this post are my own.