Ordinary Days

Audrey Matalon-Rogers http://www.GiveMeMilk.com http://www.ZenMotherhood.com

How many times have we had an ordinary day? Thought it was boring, not even worth a reflection. Many people wish they’d had an ordinary, boring day last Friday.
By now most Americans have heard about the young man who changed lives, destroyed lived, took lives, killing 26 people (20 are children between 5-10 years old) at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

broken hearts

There are many articles you can read on the subject, Who was he? Why did he do it? Was he mentally ill? Who’s fault is it?
But right now it seems prayers for those in pain, parents, siblings, friends, colleagues, and maybe reaching out in some way is the important thing.

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candlelight vigil teddy bears

And remembering, especially while we are in the “holiday season”, the season of miracles, we can adjust our Miracle Glasses and recognize our ordinary day is a cluster of miracles taken for granted.

 Our hearts go out to all those directly affected and the innocent souls who lost their lives.  Please leave a comment and tell PrimeTimeParenting about your