(Review) Tropics in the Big City of New York

vita coco kids

Contributed by Lauren Finkelstein of Save1person.org

Prime Time Parenting sent this mommy blogger and world saver (www.Save1person.org) on another delightful and fun adventure in New York City. I was sent to scout out the best coconut drink for kids.

Lauren Finkelstein of save1person.org

Lauren Finkelstein of save1person.org

Recently, I was in the Dominican Republic on a short holiday. And one thing I love about the tropics is when the locals come around with a coconut and cut it in front of you, and serve you the coconut water. It’s delicious. Who knew there’s a company that makes a drink like this for city folk too.

Vita Coco makes such a drink. I went to their event promoting their new kid drink Vita Coco Kids, and I served it to my son and he gave it the thumbs up: healthy, tasty, and filling. Who knew the tropics could be as close as Target or Amazon. If you want a taste of the Caribbean without leaving your house, you may want to check out Vita Coco or Vita Coco for Kids.

The story behind Vita Coco is fantastic, you’ve got to read it. Bring the tropics to you and your kids, check out where you can find Vita Coco kids and why it is so good for your entire family!

Keep up with Vita Coco Kids on facebook too!

Disclaimer. This was not a paid post. Prime Time Parenting was sent to find out more about this product in order to write this review.


#FYF Turning Over a New Tea Leaf at 45 Finding Yourself Friday


My birthday was this week in New York. I am full of emotions (maybe freaked out is a better word) that I am now officially 45 years old. When did that happen? Wasn’t I just the little girl with curly black hair and a dimples on my face that all bubbies would kvell over?

As a kid, my mother always made sure I had a birthday party with a lovely cake, fun games, and prizes. Since I am a summer baby, my birthday parties were always in the backyard. My older brothers and sister would help out with the preparations and all I had to do was put on my party dress and show-up. Fast forward many years, and I have become very low key about my birthday. My husband really wanted me to have some friends over (he is quite the cook and promised to make something delicious). While part of me wanted to bask in the celebration with friends, I took more of an introspective route this year. Instead of celebrating outwardly, I decided to look at how I could make 45 an even better year than 44.

I actually started this process back in February when I gave-up processed foods, desserts, white flour, and sugar. You can say that I have ‘turned over a new leaf’. By eliminating these foods, I feel better than ever and I find myself more positive. For example, the little things don’t bother me as much as they did before. I have learned to accept the things I can’t change and proceed with positivity in the things that I can achieve. It is so easy to look around at what everybody else is doing (all you have to do is go on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram). However, there was a time in February when I saw a photo of myself and I wanted to cry; I didn’t look healthy at all. My skin looked grey and my entire body looked bloated. I was so disappointed by that picture, and quite frankly, I was feeling sick about it. It was my own fault. I knew how I got to looking that way, I wasn’t careful about the foods in my life. I knew that it was time to look at food differently and start only to eat foods that would benefit my health. I allowed myself to feel bad for a day and then it was time to move on.

oolong tea

It has been four months since my initial journey to #flatthefat began. While my mind is feeling good, I need to take extra measures to get the weight off of me. While I have every type of body shaping and slimming garment in my drawer, I hate how they make me feel. While these items may flatten one area, the fat just gets pushed out over the sides. It has to go somewhere, right? The only other solution (plastic surgery is not an option here) to #flatthefat is to add on exercise. So, I decided to start swimming. Have you tried it lately? I am obsessed! I felt great mentally and physically. However, the weight is not coming off as it did for me in my 20s and 30s. I am adding yet another element to my #flatthefat regime; I am turning over a new #tealeaf. I recently read an article in Prevention Magazine about tea and how it could give my lazy metabolism the extra push it so desperately needs. In fact, the article, The Metabolism Miracle For Women Over 40. Did you know that according to Japanese researchers green or oolong tea can give my metabolism what it needs? I have actually tried this recipe and I wanted to share this incredible Metabolism-Boosting Iced Lemon-and-Ginger Green Tea mentioned in the article, here it is:

Serves 6
Combine 10 green or oolong tea bags, 2″ piece peeled fresh ginger cut into thin slices, 3 large mint sprigs, and 1 sliced small lemon in heatproof 2 qt pitcher.
Bring 4 cups water to a boil in saucepan and pour into pitcher.
Stir once and let tea bags steep 6 minutes.
Remove and discard tea bags and mint sprigs.
Add a touch of honey to tea, if desired.
Let cool 20 minutes.
Add enough ice and cold water to make 6 cups.
Serve over ice in glasses with fresh mint sprigs and lemon slices.
You can read the entire article here http://www.prevention.com/weight-loss/weight-loss-tips/metabolism-miracle-women-over-40#ixzz2VX7qlucJ

beautiful sunset

So, here I am, on this Friday, drinking my Bigelow Chinese Oolong tea. I am finding my new, energized 45 year old self, eager to continue #turningoveranewleaf and sharing it with you here. Who says that youth has to be wasted on the young, why night live your best life in the #primetime.

Manischewitz Potato Pancake Mix Inspires Best Dinner in Weeks

After a very long, hot summer day in New York, I still had to muster enough energy to prepare dinner for my family. Thanks to my husband, there was nice package of fresh Tilapia fillets sitting in the refrigerator. Would my kids go for this? I just wasn’t convinced that plain fried Tilapia would go over well. I needed to enhance these beautiful displays of fish so that the pallet of a 4 year old would want to eat dinner.

I looked high and low for a way to make them more “kid friendly”. There, on the very top shelf of the spices, I found my “dinsperation”. Just as square as the day it was bought, an unused box of Manischewitz Potato Pancake mix became the star of the show. This would be the perfect coating for the Tilapia!

So, I created a Tilapia Fillet Covered in Potato Pancake Mix! Maybe this has been done before, but I was beyond thrilled with the results. So thrilled that I just had to share it with you here!

This is how I did it!

Tilapia Fillet With Potato Pancake Crust: What You Will Need

Canola Oil (enough to cover the bottom of a frying pan)
Garlic Salt
3 Eggs
1 lb of Tilapia Fillets
1 Box of Manischewitz Potato Pancake Mix

How To Make It

Put canola oil in a pan and heat up enough so small bubbles appear
While oil is heating up, put 1 box of Manischewitz Potato Pancake Mix in a bowl
Add 1 teaspoon of garlic powder, mix, and set to the side
Crack 2 eggs (you may need a 3rd) and check each yolk for blood spots
Put all eggs in one bowl and mix
Take 1 piece of Tilapia and dip it into the egg

Once dipped into the egg, put into Manischewitz Potato Pancake Mix and cover both sides with it
Add to heated oil
Cook 5-7 on each side (this may vary according the heat source)
Flip onto the other side for 5-7 minutes
Remove from heat source. Ready to serve. I served this with tomatoes, corn, and a side of whole wheat pasta.

This was a big hit! My kids loved it, my husband loved, and I loved it! This was so easy to make and it really tasted delicious. You just never know what a box of Manischewitz products can do. In fact, I just got a list of the newest Manischewitz products available. While a lot of these products are perfect for a Rosh Hashana feast, you don’t have to be Jewish to love them. The All-Natural emphasis on these products is something anybody looking for ways to eat healthier could appreciate.

Some of the new products for the New Year include:

Manischewitz® new Turkey Broth joins the full line of broths which include Chicken, Low Sodium Chicken, Beef and Vegetable.  These broths are kosher, contain no MSG, and are fat-free.  These All-Natural broths can be used to enhance a number of recipes and are available in 14 oz cans and 32 oz cartons. Suggested retail price for the everyday can is $1.69 and $2.99 for the carton.

Manischewitz® All-Natural Gravies are made from a delicious, home-cooked recipe.  The flavors include new Turkey which joins the three original varieties: Chicken, Reduced Sodium Chicken and Beef.  Not only is it the only all natural, kosher gravy on the market, but its healthy, delicious taste will makes it a pantry staple. Suggested retail price for the gravy is $2.49 for a 12 oz jar.

Jason’s popular line of coating crumbs now include Cornflake Crumbs, another answer to consumer demands for “better-for-you” products. A good source of fiber, the delicious, crunchy coating will revitalize a number of meals and add a contemporary flare to any kosher kitchen. Featured on the back of each can is a delicious recipe to make and share with others. Suggested retail price is $2.99 for the 12 oz can of corn flake crumbs.

Manischewitz Organic Matzos, recognizing the recent Organic craze, has just been pulled out of the oven.  It is a perfect option for those health-conscious consumers!  Available in a 16 oz. box with a SRP of $5.79.

Some other great and tasty new offerings from Manischewitz® for holidays and anytime include:

Manischewitz® Gluten-Free Cake Mixes are great for anyone needing gluten-free options such as those with Celiac Disease, which affects nearly 3 million people. The Gluten-Free mixes come in Yellow and Chocolate, both with a baking tin for convenience, and a delicious chocolate frosting. Available in 15 oz. boxes for a SRP of $4.69.

Guiltless Gourmet Crunches are a new deliciously addictive snack from the Guiltless Gourmet line. These all-natural crunches are bite sized snacks packaged in a re-sealable pouch, and available in three flavors; Toasted Almond Crunch, Roasted Cashew Crunch, and Berries & Cherries Nut Crunch. Available for a SRP of $4.49

Manischewitz® Mediterranean Matzos are full of flavor featuring rosemary, oregano and olive oil. These flavors offer a delicious new option for those looking for matzos with distinct taste that is so good it can be enjoyed at any time of the year! Available in 10 oz. boxes for a SRP of $3.99.

Manischewitz® Mediterranean Gefilte Fish adds a tasty twist that distinguishes it from traditional Gefilte Fish with the flavors of Rosemary, Oregano, and Olive Oil. A jar of the Gefilte fish has a SRP of $5.99 and is available year round.

Not sure how to use these products? Well, you can be creative like me, or just head on over to www.manischewitz.com for additional recipes including entrees, appetizers, sides and more. Best of all, these recipes are so simple to make that they will allow you to spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your guests.

Keep up to date with Manischewitz Company and get the scoop on giveaways and contests! “Like” them on Facebook and follow their updates on Twitter @ManischewitzCo.

Disclaimer: The opinions in the post are my own. I was sent Manischewitz Company products to review and received a sponsorship to the The Niche Mommy conference in New Orleans, LA, from Manischewitz Company.

Chobani Champions: Greek Yogurt that Kids Love!

Contributed by Maytal Wichman, of Mama’s Healthy Bites and contributor to Long Island Mamas and The Mama Maven.

As a vegetarian mom, it’s not always easy to find enough protein sources for my kids who would subsist only on pasta, cheerios and crackers if it were up to them. Yogurt, particularly Greek yogurt, is packed with protein, not to mention calcium, vitamin D and probiotics, so I’m always trying to encourage my kids to eat it. My daughter is easy – she’ll eat plain yogurt with a spoon. My son, on the other hand, is a different story. He won’t have yogurt. Won’t even try it. End of discussion. (Did I mention he’s three?!)

My daughter and I recently attended a Chobani Champions (http://chobanichampions.com/) event at Taste Buds (http://www.tastebudscook.com/index.html). Chobani Champions are Greek yogurts made especially for kids and are 100% natural. My daughter got to use the different types of yogurt to bake Orange Yogurt cake and make a yogurt parfait but her favorite part was sampling the Chobani Champions flavors: Orange Vanilla, Very Berry, Honey-nana and Vanilla Chocolate Chunk. Like all chobani products, the Chobani Champions are kosher-certified, gluten-free and low in lactose.


After we got home from the event, I called my son over and showed him the Vanilla Chocolate Chunk yogurt. “I no like yogurt!” He turned away, clearly not interested. “Look, this has chocolate!” I showed him the picture of the chocolate chunk on the container. Well, let’s just say he got interested. So now my little yogurt snob is a changed man (or rather toddler) and is loving Chobani Champions Yogurt! Thanks, Chobani Champions!

I was not paid for this article. I did receive a gift bag with Chobani Champions samples.




Catching Up With Primetime Parenting

Sizzle and SplashHeat. Sizzle. This is how I feel about this summer so far. I still wouldn’t trade it in for ice, cold, freezing weather, so I’ll stop complaining.

Since our road trip, we haven’t slowed down at all. We were unloading our minivan full of wrappers, crumbs, and juice boxes one minute and the next loading up the kids to take them out and about. We chose to do something different this summer. Instead of sending our kids to a full-blown camp, we organized a summer playgroup with other moms and two incredible counselors in our neighborhood. We are simply here to support each other. We are all busy working while raising our families and trying our best to stay within our spending limits. I am so thankful for this network of moms in the community. Check out our fire safety event that we organized with our local fire department. Continue reading

Tastey Thanksgiving Recipes From Manischewitz Ready To Server Broth. No MSG.

Made Like Homemade….Tastes Like Homemade ChickenBroth_small_image1_41737

Manischewitz® the leading brand in specialty kosher foods for over 120 years, brings fresh and exciting news to the broth category with the introduction of their all-natural line of Ready To Serve Broth. Available in three flavors, Chicken, Reduced Sodium Chicken and Beef these delicious broths are debuting just in time for the Fall and Winter Holiday Season. Produced to meet the needs of consumers who are looking for all natural, high quality products, Manischewitz new line of broths are made from a cherished family recipe that includes real kosher chicken and beef, natural spices and vegetables; then slow cooked in small batches to deliver that homemade taste.

These delicious broths hit the supermarket shelves at the perfect time. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, consumers are planning for gatherings with family and friends. Whether they use Manischewitz ready to serve broth as a base for soups or as a key ingredient in holiday recipe favorites, home cooks will realize that NOT all broths are created equal. If you are preparing a kosher Thanksgiving menu I’d love to hear what you will be serving.

“With the soup category on the rise and the broth category up by 11.4%, Manischewitz is delighted to introduce a kosher broth line that is both healthy and delivers exceptional flavor,” says David Rossi, Vice President of Marketing, for The Manischewitz Company. Additionally, as kosher foods continue to gain momentum, the timing is perfect to introduce our broth nationwide.”

Available in both easy to open 14 ounce cans and easy to pour 32 ounce reusable cartons, these wholesome broths can be found in the kosher and soup section of supermarkets nationwide. Suggested retail price for the everyday can is $1.69 and $2.99 for the carton. You can also find them online at kosher.com, your “one click online shop” for everything kosher. Also, be sure to enter your favorite recipes for the 4th Annual Man-O-Manischewitz Cook-Off! Entries will be accepted from September 15, 2009 through January 31, 2010 for a chance to win an all expense paid trip to compete live in New York City on March 18, 2010 and $25,000 in prizes including a state of the art GE Appliances. For contest details log on to www.Manischewitz.com.

Try this new and delicious Moroccan Meatballs with Caramelized Honey Onions dish:

Moroccan Meatballs with Caramelized Honey Onions

 5 Extra Large White Onions, sliced into thin strips 3 tbsp. Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2 tsp. cumin 1tsp. curry powder 1tsp. turmeric 1tsp. ground all spice Kosher Salt and ground black pepper to taste 1 tsp. Manischewitz Clover Honey For Meatballs 1 lb ground lamb 1 lb ground chicken or beef 1 egg 1/4 cup Manischewitz Italian Herb breadcrumbs 1tsp. cumin 1 tsp. allspice 2 tsp. dried chives 1 tsp. dried parsley 1 tsp. kosher salt Pinch Ground Black pepper 2 cups Manischewitz Beef Broth ¼ cup raisins

In a large Dutch oven or soup pot, over med-low flame heat the olive oil. Add the onions and all the spices to the oil and mix well. Sauté the onions for about 3-5 minutes, stirring frequently. Add the honey and mix well. Adjust the flame to low and cover pot. Mix every minute or two to keep the onions from sticking to bottom of pot. In a large mixing bowl, add the 2 ground meats, egg, Manischewitz Italian Bread crumbs, and all the spices. Mix well. Remove cover from onions and using a slotted spoon take half of the onions and place into separate bowl. Start shaping meatballs that are about the size of small golf balls. Place them gently into pot nestling them into the onions. After placing all the meatballs take the remainder of the onions and cover the meat balls. Increase the flame to medium-low, add the Manischewitz Beef broth and raisins cover pot and cook for about 30 minutes. After 30 minutes remove cover, mix everything gently with a wooden spoon and cook for another 10 minutes or until the broth has reduced to less than a ½ a pot. Remove from flame and let cool slightly before serving meatballs.

Serve meatballs over Jasmine rice. For more recipe ideas from Manischewitz Broth such as Onion-Braised Beef Brisket with Roasted Tomato Gravy, Mushroom Risotto, Baked Turkey Meatloaf, etc. log onto www.manischewitzbroth.com.

About The Manischewitz Company: The Manischewitz Company is a leader in the Kosher Foods category providing delicious, premium specialty ethnic food products ranging from traditional Eastern European selections (Gefilte Fish, Noodles, Matzo Ball Soup, and Borscht) to the most comprehensive Kosher-For-Passover product line globally (Matzos, Cake Mixes, Macaroons, Baking Ingredients to a complete line of grocery products). The company markets well known brands such as, Manischewitz®, Season®, Rokeach®, Guiltless Gourmet®, Horowitz Margareten®, Mishpacha®, Goodman’s®, Mrs. Adler’s®, Mother’s®, Carmel®, Croydon House®, Jason® and Asian Harvest®.

If Your Birthday Is Today Celebrate At Pomegranate And Receive A $100 Gift Card

That is right, Pomegranate is celebrating its first anniversary right now and they are giving away prizes with music and entertainment!

from 9:00am-10:00pm today. If you are there between 6:00pm and 7:00pm, look for me and I’ll interview you with my new Kodak Zi6 Pocket Video Camera that I got from the socialluxe lounge at BlogHer in Chicago last month.

Click here to see all of the activities going on right now! And if today is your birthday, celebrate with Pomegranate and receive a $100 gift card. See you there!!

An Eggsellent Giveaway From Eggland’s Best

Every week my family will go through 24 eggs. We love them hard boiled for breakfast, an easy morning option to a very hectic day ahead. On Thursday night we use them in our challah recipe and brush the freshly braided dough with raw egg. When the challah bakes, the raw egg gives it a golden glow and delicious crust, yum. Eggs give a lift to my husbands famous spinach kugel.  On a lazy Sunday morning, we love them scrambled with extra cheese. Yum!

When Eggland’s Best asked if I’d host a Giveaway on my blog, I wanted it all for myself (we love eggs). Since that is not going to happen, I wanted to let my readers know what they can win by leaving a comment on primetimeparenting.com.  Yes, it is that easy.

First, why should you want to win Eggland’s Best eggs now? Earlier this summer, Eggland’s Best and Cathe Friedrich teamed up to help Americans harness the powerful pairing of healthy fitness and eating right. Cathe taught two STS-inspired lower body classes at the live event which was attended by national media and bloggers. So, what makes Eggland’s Best so healthy?  As with all Eggland’s Best eggs, their Cage Free and Organic hen diet consists of healthy grains with no animal fat, no animal byproducts, and no recycled or processed food. It contains no added hormones, antibiotics, or steroids. The hens that lay their Organic eggs are fed only a certified organic version of Eggland’s Best’s patented feed. For more information on Cage Free & Organic   go to egglandsbest.com.

Photo from runnerskitchen.wordpress.com

Photo from runnerskitchen.wordpress.com

If you leave a comment, you could win:

  • Spatula
  • Cathe Friedrich Workout DVD
  • Cathe resistance band
  • Pouch Pods (for cooking pouched eggs)
  • Plus a six month supply of Eggland’s Best Eggs

The contest closes on August 30th 2009. The winner will be chosen by random.org.

Leave a comment with your favorite recipe from the Eggland’s Best recipe page. For example, my comment would be “Hidden Chickpea Cake”. If you have a twitter account, please leave your twitter name as well.

To earn extra entries, after you have left a comment, do one of the following, but make sure you leave a separate comment entry for each extra thing you do. This gives you additional ways to win the contest:

  • Follow @primetimeparent on twitter and tweet about this giveaway with hashtag #ebgiveaway and leave a comment (this is another entry). For example: @primetimeparent Win The Eggland’s Best Giveaway at primetimeparenting.com #ebgiveaway http://tinyurl.com/qtzo3v

Pomegranate Celebrates First Birthday This Sunday With Special Events, Promotions & Prizes

450pomegranate-logoWho wouldn’t love to win Two Round Trip Tickets to Israel? Well, you just might have a chance when you celebrate this Sunday with Pomegranate, the renowned gourmet marketplace in NYC.

Festivities Commence August 16-19 with several days of fanfare including special events, promotions, prizes, tastings and a grand prize finale. The events start Sunday August 16, leading up to the one-year anniversary on August 19th. On each day of the four-day celebration shoppers will automatically be entered to win a $500 gourmet shopping spree redeemable at the store. On august 19th, the first 1000 customers will receive a free gift valued at $10. Additionally, any customer that shares the same birthday with Pomegranate on August 19th will receive a $100 Pomegranate gift certificate.

Customers will find yummy tastings, free samples and more throughout the store, culminating with the grand prize award of two round-trip tickets to Israel and a Weber BBQ grill on Aug 19th. (Visit the Customer Service desk for more details.) The opening of the 20,000 square foot store, which runs one block long on Coney Island Avenue in Brooklyn, NY, marked the beginning of a new chapter in the evolution of kosher food. One year ago the store introduced a large variety of upscale and hard-to-find kosher gourmet foods, three kitchens producing culinary inspired prepared foods, the widest selection of kosher cheeses, and kosher fish and meat of every variety, all set within a clean bright store featuring wide aisles, attention to customer service, and valet parking. It had many calling the store a kosher “Whole Foods,” as Pomegranate would change the face of the kosher food shopping experience forever. Saveur Magazine rated Pomegranate ‘one of the top ten supermarkets’ (kosher & non-kosher) in its 2009 review. In addition to incredibly delicious gourmet kosher food offerings, the store sets itself apart by hosting monthly in-store events and culinary demonstrations, often featuring celebrity kosher chefs. Hundreds of shoppers came out this summer to watch noted cookbook authors Suzie Fishbein and Levana demonstrate gourmet recipes, with samples given to all. Eva, an avid Pomegranate shopper, echoed what many shoppers felt as the store approached its birthday: “This is a wonderful store. I love it. I shop here every day. They offer wonderful customer service and I find things here that I can’t find anywhere else.” From the first day it opened its doors, store owner Abraham Banda put his unique vision into practice. “I wanted to transform shopping from a chore to an experience and food from a necessity to a culinary experience,” Said Banda. “Many of Pomegranate’s customers feel that the store has far exceeded my vision. “ After its grand opening in August of 2008, Pomegranate kicked off the shopping experience with complimentary tastings for their new shoppers. Month by month, the new all-kosher gourmet grocery increased their community involvement. In addition to charitable contributions, a summer highlight for many locals was the Pomegranate BBQ, where shoppers were welcome to join in a mouthwatering skirt steak, chicken cutlet, and grilled vegetable dinner courtesy of Pomegranate. The store plans to offer culinary instructional classes, cooking demonstrations and more events in the coming year.

I Am Going To Enhance My Kosher Knowledge This Summer In NY

Food, glorious food. Yes, it is no secret that I love anything and everything to do with kosher food. On any given day, you will find “kosher” as one of the columns in my tweetdeck.com, which I use to keep up with the twitterverse. If you’re not familiar with this application, please check out tweetdeck.com. It enables me to view every comment that includes  “kosher” in the 140 character comment. It is interesting to see how many people use the word “kosher” to describe the difference between good and bad, for example, this tweet came up recently, “Cutting corners is one thing, but putting water in the liquid soap dispenser when it’s empty is NOT kosher”. While tweetdeck is keeping the kosher tweets up to date, I click over to ou.org and see what is happening with some of my favorite kosher brands, like, Empire Kosher, Sabra, Larabar, Gerber, and Snapple  just to name a few.  There are so many kosher brands that I love, and most recenlty, I fell in love all over again when I read that Gerber has ten great tasting flavors certified by the Orthodox Union (OU): Applesauce, Pears, Bananas, Apple Strawberry Banana, Apple Blueberry, Sweet Potato, Carrots, Squash, Green Beans and Peas. This just in from Empire Kosher, today they announced that they will expand antibiotic free and organic poultry lines. “This is so good to know about, and I totally appreciate the up to date information provided by the Orthodox Union.

Women have always been the family member behind the savory soups and fresh baked challah before Shabbos (you haven’t been to my house, it’s my mensch of a husband behind all of that). Soon there will be more women behind the scenes of kosher cuisine.  In fact, the Orthodox Union and Rabbi Yosef Grossman, Director of OU Kosher Education, will be hosting such a program later this summer.

The following description of this course can also be found by clicking this link. I have summarized some of the reasons why I would love to attend this conference. Once I fell in love with kosher food (I am a Baale Teshuva and I started keeping kosher exclusively 8 years ago) I had to inform my friends and family members about what makes food kosher and not kosher. I have tried to explain the technicalities and practices of kosher law, but I was leaving phone calls here and sending emails there, and it was getting way too complicated. I would end up referring people to the Orthodox Union website in hope that they would find information that would answer their questions. Nevertheless, I would have loved to have had more detaisl for them back then. Not to worry, questions concerning kosher food will never cease and I am so thankful that from August 24-28, OU Kosher will offer a special kashrut course specifically geared for women. Baruch Hashem. In the course, according to Rabbi Grossman, participants will enhance their kashrut knowledge and skills by “hands-on” instruction from OU experts, as well as from OU instructional DVD’s in areas of kosher food management such as checking vegetables for insects; Hafroshat Chalah (the separation or tithing of challah); blood spots in eggs; shaylos (or questions) dealing with chickens which should be brought to a Rav for a psak (halachic decision); meat and dairy control; identifying and purchasing kosher fish; and becoming an educated kosher consumer. They will go on field trips to OU certified factories, hotel kitchens and food service establishments which, Rabbi Grossman said, will give participants “an appreciation for the complexities of modern day kashrut.” The students will tour OU Kosher, meet its rabbinic staff – both those who are based in the OU office (rabbinic coordinators) and those who work outside (rabbinic field representatives) – and come away with a heightened sense of how kashrut operates commercially and in the home. “The course will go into the home kitchen as well,” Rabbi Grossman said, “for proper control of a kitchen requires extensive kashrut knowledge.” Rabbi Grossman and his colleagues “have spent much time and thought on how to structure this special week,” he said, recognizing the uniqueness of the audience and determined to provide the best program possible. The course will be limited to about 20 participants, and is intended to serve the needs of “a large spectrum of women.” I just found out today that I will be attending this event!  You can follow me as on twitter as I take in al of this

What does a stay-at-home-mom blogger want this for? There are so many reasons, but most importantly, I would like to be an advocate for kosher food and properly respond to the questions I am frequently asked by my non-kosher keeping friends and family. It’s not you, it’s me. I have committed to a kosher lifestyle 8 years ago, and I’m sticking to it.