(Review) It’s the Holiday Season in the Summer with Disney

(Contributed by Lauren Finkelstein of save1person.org)

lauren at disney holiday preview

Prime Time Parenting sent this mommy blogger and world saver (www.Save1person.org) on another magical experience.  In the heat and humidity of New York City in the summer, I was escorted into a different time zone thanks to the folks at Disney.

When I walked into the building, it was Christmas and Chanukah time. In true Disney style, the red carpet was rolled out to showcase their upcoming collection for the holiday season.  From Mickey and Minnie to glitzy nail polish from our favorite mermaid, Ariel. New on the

Disney scene and wildly popular is the Sofia the First Magical talking doll. Did you know even vampires can be cute? Thanks to Disney, Vamprina Ballernia will be a big hit this holiday season too.

disney make up

What I liked the best was the makeovers at the event. I am happy that Disney has products for us big kids, after all, we all have a little bit of the Disney Magic leftover from childhood. It’s never too early, or too late, to wish upon star and get in on some of the hottest holiday gifts for the old and young from Disney.

Disclaimer: Lauren attended this preview event and the opinions here are her own. Samples of some of the new products from this event were distributed.